InnoPrePâ„¢ by Servier: The Innovative Preparative Chromatography

Sponsored by: Servier CDMO

Focused on:

  • Chromatography
  • Batch Recovery
  • Chiral Separation

Date: 27 March


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

A tool to achieve shorter process times and faster time to market

With reduced purification times, higher target molecule purities and the ability to quickly separate and identify impurities, preparative chromatography can provide a greater understanding of products and processes while reducing time to the clinic and the market.

Servier has employed preparative chromatography for over 30 years and its team of experts based in Normandy, France has become a respected leading global authority on this accepted industry standard approach to purification. InnoPrePâ„¢ encompasses the capability for either continuous processing using SMB, SFC or 6-column batch chromatography at lab to industrial scale, and can reduce time-to-market by as much as three months.

Through real industrials cases that our experts have developed, including continuous improvement of processes, robustness improvement, quality improvement of a non-compliant batch, compromised batch recovery, chiral separation (from batch to intensified technologies) and impurities isolation, the interest of preparative chromatography will be described.

Thus attending this webinar, you will improve your knowledge and skills for the development of methods from lab to production for the purification of small-molecules, intermediates and APIs.

Presented by

Christophe Berini,

Industrial Chromatography Research Scientist

Christophe received his Ph.D. in 2008 from the University of Grenoble (France) in organic chemistry. After working for two years in the United States as a postdoctoral research associate, he came back to France, growing his research background in several fields in diverse laboratories. In 2015, he joined Servier in the Innovative Technologies Department, where he focused his work, with Daniel Dron, on preparative chromatography for the development of methods to purify small molecules, intermediates and APIs in order to develop manufacturing processes for industrial cases.

Eric Bourdais,

Business Development Manager

Eric has 20 a year experience in the chemical and analytical development in the industrial chemical R&D.
Starting as Project engineer, he was a manager in the analytical development department, he also had the opportunity to manage the Industrial Preparative Chromatographic workshop on the Bolbec site (France) and promote the activity to highest standards of innovation and productivity.
Since March 2016 he has joined the International Business Team, to share with customers the expertise of the Servier CDMO Industrial network.

Key Learning Objectives

  • From lab to production: a scale up methodology
  • Key advantage to switch form batch to continuous process
  • Key advantage of preparative chromatography in chemical processes through industrial cases


  • Compliance / Regulation
  • General Management
  • Research & Development
  • Product Management