Is There a Gap in Your Process Validation?

Sponsored by: Parker Hannifin

Focused on:

  • Process Validation
  • Single Use Process

Date: 14 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Eliminating the Weak Link

Materials used in single-use will often be exposed to a range of pressures temperatures and solutions. Unless a validation package covers all those aspects your process could be placed at risk due to unexpected material behaviours, for example, ultra-low temperature storage.

During this webinar, we will describe how the vendor-user relationship has evolved over time. We will then go on to show, through a case study, the importance of understanding the full life cycle of a single-use system. In one assembly alone we identified 4 aspects that would not have been picked up during the design of the assembly but would have a major influence on its performance.

By sharing the validation work from this case study, we will demonstrate the need for a holistic approach to single-use assembly design and highlight the thought processes that a user will need to go through at critical steps in their project to avoid unnecessary product losses.

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Presented by

Guy Matthews,

Market Development Manager

Guy Matthews has worked in the biopharm industry for the last 20 years starting his career as a Scientist at a well-known CMO in the UK before moving to more commercial roles.

During this time he has been involved in many projects implementing single-use technology in both upstream and downstream bioprocessing.

At Parker, Guy is focused on bringing Parker’s expertise in motion and control to bioprocessing to create robust solutions in single-use technology that enable customers to improve the quality and accessibility of biopharmaceuticals

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the changing nature of the vendor-user relationship with respect to single-use validation
  • Understand the factors that should be considered when validating a single-use process
  • Find out how to increase performance through consideration of broader design elements
  • Learn how to ensure single-use assemblies are validated for the entire supply chain.


  • Purification Scientists
  • Downstream Process Development
  • Upstream Process development
  • Operations Managers
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology
  • Automation Engineers
  • Facilities Manager
  • Quality Assurance