Knowledge Sharing Webinar: The Data Management Paradigm

Sponsored by: Industrial Lab Automation

Focused on:

  • Managementdata
  • Pharma

Date: 26 August


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How the Successful Integration of Data Will Revolutionise the Pharmaceutical Industry

As the evolving regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are pushing companies to gradually move in to the digital age with the capture and management of their data, we aim to discover how new directives and new technologies are bringing about a sea change in the way pharma looks at its data.

The big challenge facing the industry is how to move from antiquated, essentially paper based data storage methods to a digital infrastructure whilst successfully integrating different sites, systems and huge amounts data.

The key drivers for this are obviously evolving regulation within the area, however aside from this the key benefit is to remove the data silos that are currently hampering the field of drug discovery and development and increase collaboration within both companies and the industry as a whole.

This session aims to investigate the current regulatory framework that guides the capture, storage and use of data and the positive and negative effects this has on the industry. Through the use of case studies we will examine what tools and methodologies have been used effectively to create a future proof digital landscape and also what options are open to companies trying to integrate their legacy data as well.

From ELN’s to the cloud and beyond this session will help you to understand the key options open to you and the hurdles that need to be overcome to have a free flowing stream of compliant and useful data across an increasingly globalised pharmaceutical

Presented by

Peter J. Boogaard,

CEO / Founder at Industrial Lab Automation

Peter Boogaard has extensive experience in laboratory management to enable cross-functional collaboration between research, development, quality assurance and manufacturing corporations. Peter is founder of Industrial Lab Automation. He is publishing in national and international magazines and contributes in several industry advisory boards. Peter is Dutch citizen and studied analytical chemistry in Delft. Member of ISPE

Key Learning Objectives

  • What are the current and future regulatory guidelines in the sector
  • Why should you be trying to integrate data
  • What tools can you use to do this
  • What are the possible pitfalls when moving in to the digital world


  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Head/VP/Director/Managers
  • R&D
  • Quality and IT departments
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director of Analytical Chemistry
  • Director of Analytical Scientists
  • VP/Director of DMPK
  • VP/ Director of Informatics
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Lab Head
  • Executive Director Research
  • VP/Director of Small Molecule Chemistry
  • Lab Informatics Manager
  • Scientific Investigator
  • VP/Director of Analytical Development
  • Senior Scientist
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Head of Data Management
  • Head of Knowledge Management
  • Head of Chemistry
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • Lab Managers
  • Lab Directors
  • IT personnel supporting SAP and/or laboratory informatics systems
  • Clinical Operations Management
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • QA
  • Compliance Officers
  • IT professionals
  • Research/Discovery & Manufacturing Staff
  • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
  • Senior Technical Directors
  • Senior Heads of Quality Compliance
  • ProcessDevelopment Scientists
  • Senior PAT and QbD Specialists and experts
  • Project Managers
  • Senior Scientific Advisors and Inspectors
  • Senior Scientists