Optimizing CNS Endpoints Using Technology-enabled Workflows

Sponsored by: Cogstate

Focused on:

  • C N S
  • Rater Training
  • Data Capture
  • Central Monitoring
  • E Source

Date: 9 November


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

The integrated rater experience: innovations in eLearning for rater training, eSource data capture and smarter central review

A principal challenge in CNS clinical trials are the subjective assessments prone to rater bias and variability that can cause failed or inconclusive trials. Even the most rigorous rater training programs and scientific oversight are not enough when they remain siloed and unconnected. But when learning management, data capture and central review are integrated and empowered by innovative fit-for-purpose technologies designed by clinical experts, dramatic improvements in endpoint reliability and rater-centricity are achieved.

Hear from adult learning experts on "the science of learning" and how rater training programs can be radically improved to reach beyond the investigator meeting for on-demand access to rich, contextual, study- and population-specific rater guidance when and where it's needed most. The result: more standardized administration, more reliable endpoints.

You’ll also learn how technology enabled workflows such as tablet-base eSource solutions can be used to ensure raters administer assessments correctly and consistently to improve data quality and strengthen study signal. And finally, you’ll learn how electronic source data capture and fit-for-purpose review portals and dashboarding can enhance the effectiveness of central monitoring programs of CNS scales compared to traditional paper source documents – a clinical science perspective on important design considerations.

Presented by

Pamela Bynum,

Learning & Operational Excellence Director, Cogstate

Pamela is an adult learning expert with nearly 20 years of experience in clinical trials, with a focus on technologies like EDC, IRT, eTMF, and ePRO/eCOA. Working with an internal team and best-in-class vendor partners who specialize in instructional design and NeuroLearning, Pamela oversees the creation of engaging and effective training curriculum for sites, raters, reviewers and clinical project teams, tailoring the training materials for study-specific delivery.

Daniella Mulder,

Senior Director of Project Management, Clinical Ink

Daniella Mulder is Senior Director of Project Management for Clinical Ink. Ms. Mulder has over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical clinical trials, leading international teams in the delivery of Rater Training, Data Surveillance and eCOA services for CNS trials. At Clinical Ink, Ms. Mulder oversees Project Management for seamless delivery of eSource data capture and patient engagement using the SureSource platform to ensure sponsors, CROs and clinical investigators achieve the full benefits of SureSource in their trials.

Lisle Kingery, PhD,

Clinical Science Director, Cogstate

Dr. Kingery is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years’ clinical and research experience in clinical psychology and neuropsychology.

With expertise in the operational and scientific components of providing neuropsychological test training, central monitoring of neuropsychological test data, and tracking rater reliability in global clinical trials, Dr. Kingery has directed rater training programs in over 20 Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials, three Parkinson’s disease trials, and many other trials for various CNS indications.

Dr. Kingery’s scientific interests include computerized cognitive assessment, reliability and validity of neuropsychological assessments, and effectiveness of rater training methodologies for neuropsychological tests in clinical trials.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how rater performance is radically improved with a novel approach to training that brings together "clinicians & creatives" for an eLearning experience that truly engages
  • Learn how technology enabled workflows can be used to ensure raters administer assessments correctly & consistently to improve data quality & strengthen study signal
  • Learn how eSource data capture and fit-for-purpose review portals & dashboards can enhance the effectiveness of central monitoring programs of CNS scales - a clinical science perspective


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