Preventing Defects in Two-Piece Hard Shell Capsules

Sponsored by: CapsCanada

Focused on:

  • Capsule Filling
  • Defect Resolution
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Manufacturing

Date: 4 February


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Optimizing Capsule Filling; Preventing hard capsule defects

The challenges manufacturers are faced with today are at an all-time high. With increased competition, manufacturers are forced to minimize costs while maintaining and even increasing quality. Increased regulatory conditions and shorter throughput time are compounding factors.

To meet these demands, it is crucial for companies to provide a higher level of training and education to match the competitive landscape. The webinar Preventing Defects in Two-Piece Hard Shell Capsules will provide an in-depth review of the capsule filling process, introduce the common defect types along with root causes and will teach the methods which will lead to defect prevention and elimination of waste.

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Presented by

Steve Lee,

Technical Service Manager, CapsCanada Corporation

Steve Lee is head of Technical Service at CapsCanada® and has been involved in capsule filling for over two decades. Steve gained foundational experience as a filling machine operator and as an equipment mechanic. For the last eleven years, he has worked as a technician representing empty capsule suppliers, assisting companies in resolving problems related to equipment, formulations, capsules, and other factors. In addition to his industry experience, Steve has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Redlands (Redlands, CA) and also earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through Villanova University. For six years, Steve has been a member of the Technical Advisory Board for Tablets and Capsules magazine.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain a greater understanding of capsule filling process
  • Understand the root causes for the most common filled capsule defects
  • Recognize the signs of defects starting in your process
  • Learn how to apply Continuous Improvement methodology to capsule filling


  • Production Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Operator
  • General manager
  • VP Operations
  • C levels
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Encapsulation Supervisor
  • Director of R&D
  • Technical Service Manager
  • Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Production Supervisor
  • Buyer
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager