Remote Clinical Trial – Success & Results in Diabetes

Sponsored by: eClinicalHealth Ltd

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Date: 15 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How Clinpal technology enabled a successful remote clinical trial

The clinical trial industry is in desperate need to reinvent itself and address the rising cost and complexity of trials today. Today, it is more difficult to recruit and retain patients in trials than ever before. The traditional trial model does not address the barriers or motivators of trial participation.

Conducting clinical trials remotely involves the use of efficient, patient-centric technologies that have tremendous promise in addressing both the cost concerns, reduced timelines, as well as achieving higher levels of patient engagement. The VERKKO remote trial was designed to evaluate the regulatory view, efficiency gains and patient and site feedback for conducting clinical trials remotely.

This webinar will demonstrate the study design and systems used in the VERKKO remote trial. Results and performance metrics will also be shared. The audience will learn about study designs that are ideal for a remote approach. During the webinar, we will also examine how methodologies of a remote trial can be applied to traditional trials resulting in improved efficiency and a boost to patient participation.

Register now to learn more from the pioneering experts from the Clinpal team as well as for the pharma perspective from Sanofi.

Presented by

Kai Langel,

Co-Founder and Director, Patient Solutions, eClinicalHealth

Since 2000, Kai has been a pioneer in patient-facing systems for clinical trials. Through his involvement in technical, operational and scientific roles, he has gained an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the patient journey in clinical trials from recruitment and engagement through data capture. He is actively involved in providing guidance to eClinicalHealth’s customers on how to best operationalize new and innovative methods for making it easier and more efficient for sites and patients to participate in clinical trials.

Nadir Ammour,

Global Domain Head – Patients and Partners, Sanofi

Nadir worked as a public health professional before joining the pharmaceutical industry and held various global positions at Wyeth, and now at Sanofi, managing clinical development programs as well as developing, implementing and operating clinical systems on a global scale (CTMS, RDC, eTMF, ePRO, connected devices).

He is presently contributing to strategic activities including Clinical Digital Innovation, and Partnership development – with a focus on patient centric clinical development and healthcare solutions and services, aiming at reducing burden on trial subjects and clinical investigational staff, while accelerating the access to innovative therapies and care solutions to patients.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about key aspects that make a study protocol design suitable for a remote study approach
  • Learn about performance gains that can be expected from a remote study - such as a 22% reduction in time
  • Learn about methodologies that can be applied to any study to improve patient recruitment, compliance and retention - including an 18% increase in compliance


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