STYL’One technology: a new approach to formulate tablets

Sponsored by: MEDELPHARM

Focused on:

  • Oral Solid Dosage
  • Tableting Equipment

Date: 6 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Versatile tableting equipment for fast and robust oral solid dosage form development

Formulators are facing increasing pressure to reduce development time and cost. The API potency and the need for complex oral solid dosage forms make their day-to-day life even more challenging. In addition, the practical implementation of quality by design principles requires a change of mind. Key to their success is to assess new tableting technology that will allow them to develop their formulation with scale-up and production in mind. Data generation is also critical to drive their decision making process with confidence at every stage from early development to manufacturing.

In this webinar, we will introduce how fully instrumented tableting equipment can support scientists during early stage, formulation development, scale-up and manufacturing. We will share case studies from our Science Lab highlighting:

• Quick screening of excipient for formulation optimization
• Determination of process parameter criticality
• Feasibility assessment of dry granulation process by using a limited amount of material
• Scale-up of multilayer formulations.

MEDELPHARM has been developing R&D tableting technology for the last 15 years and its STYL’One product range has been adopted by major pharma companies and well-known universities all around the world.

Register now and join us for this webinar on tableting instrument as a cost-effective tool to develop oral solid dosage forms.

Presented by

Bruno Leclercq,

Business Development, Pharmacist

Bruno Leclercq joined MEDELPHARM in 2015 as a senior pharmacist working in business development. He is also leading MEDELPHARM Science Lab. He has more than 20 years of expertise in excipient and formulation development. He previously worked at Reckitt Benckiser as a formulation scientist and FMC biopolymer as a global excipients application development manager. Bruno can look back to more than 15 years of international experience in meeting, advising and solving customers’ formulations and production problems in Europe, SEA and North America.

Quentin Boulay,

Product Marketing Manager

Quentin Boulay joined MEDELPHARM in 2019 as a product marketing manager. He started his career at Business Crescendo as an international business development consultant for start-ups and small companies in the biotechnology and material industry. To complete his experience in Europe, he also worked several years at Arkema and Saati in the United States.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to identify critical and non-critical process parameters with a limited amount of API
  • How to accelerate formulation development, even for more complex tablet forms
  • How to secure industrial scale-up by reducing risk of failure
  • How to continuously improve production process and solve production issues


  • Formulation scientist
  • Head of formulation
  • Head of R&D
  • R&D Director
  • Galenic scientist
  • Galenic R&D
  • Oral dosage form specialist
  • Solid dosage form specialist
  • Scale-up engineer
  • Tech transfer engineer
  • Tableting technical support
  • R&D manager
  • Scientist
  • Research Fellow
  • Research scientist
  • Regulatory
  • Production support
  • Quality by design specialist
  • Galenic development
  • Head of Department of Pharmaceutics
  • PhD in Pharmaceutics
  • Professor of Pharmaceutical Science
  • Technical Director
  • Product development
  • Pharma Scientist
  • Pharma Engineer
  • Chemist