What clinical teams should know about the benefits of pre-filled syringes and auto-injector pens

Sponsored by: Fisher Clinical Services

Focused on:

  • Drug Delivery

Date: 28 March

Days to go: 7

Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

More drugs are being delivered by injection than ever before, fuelled by a steady stream of biological products emerging from research pipelines. Other factors contributing to the increase of drug delivery by injection include the global rise in chronic diseases, the need for frequent dosing to control many such diseases, and a growing trend toward self-administration of medical treatments by patients. While most large-molecule drugs must be delivered via injection, biopharma companies have choices about which form of injection to use, many of which offer distinct advantages.

In this webinar we will review and discuss the various industry trends including:

  • Expanded use and benefits of prefilled syringes
  • Advantages of self-administration via auto-injector devices
  • The value of an end-to-end streamlined solution, that includes:
  • - Drug development

    - Fill/finish of cartridges & syringes

    - Full device assembly

    - Packaging, labelling, distribution & beyond

  • Eye on the future: Examining market trends

Presented by

Tony Pidgeon,

Process Technology Director

Wolfgang Kramp,

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Roger Staplehurst,

Manufacturing & Packaging Director

Key Learning Objectives

  • Advantages and options available for injectable drug delivery systems
  • Strategies to consider for injectable delivery
  • Understand advantages gained with end to end solution


  • Vice President Supply Chain/ Clinical Logistics
  • Vice President/Director of Cold Chain Supplies Management
  • Vice President/Director of Cold Chain
  • Senior Director/Executive Director
  • Clinical Operations Director/Manager
  • Clinical Development Directors/Managers
  • Clinical/Investigational Suppliers
  • Clinical Logistics & Supplies Director/Manager
  • Clinical Trials Director/Manager
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Distribution Director/Manager
  • Quality (Management/Assurance/Control/GCP/GMP) Director/Manager • CMC Director/Manager