Closing the loop with EcoVantage: A case study with Tesco

Sponsored by: Mondi Group

Focused on:

  • Packaging Waste

Date: 12 April


Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET / 9AM EST

Have you ever wondered how to utilise your packaging waste and make it to something useful for your business?

The circular economy is now a topic that concerns all of us and packaging plays an important role. Retailers are trying to be more sustainable by focusing on many aspects in their supply chain and operations including the primary and secondary packaging of their products. Switching to more sustainable and recyclable solutions such as paper-based packaging is one side of the coin. Ensuring a next life for this packaging is the other side and the next step towards a circular economy, especially when closing the loop means also direct positive impact for your business, not only the environment.

In the webinar, we will discuss how Mondi can help retailers close the loop and drive to a circular economy. We collaborate with retailers to use their corrugated packaging waste and give it a next life. We produce the EcoVantage paper grades that use both fresh and recycled fibre and offer good printability and strength in one, making it ideal for shopping bags.
The food compliant bags made with EcoVantage paper could then be used back in the same stores where the waste was previously collected.

During the webinar, a Tesco speaker will share Tesco’s experience as the first company that partnered with Mondi to turn its paper waste into a renewable resource that is in line with their circular economy goals.

Register to our webinar and listen how we can close the loop and support retailers achieve their sustainability goals..

We invite you to join our webinar and learn more how Mondi can help you close the loop.

Presented by

Marco Macoratti,

Head of Sustainable Business Solutions, Mondi

20 years’ experience in Paper & Packaging serving Industrial and FMCG Brands with paper-based solutions. Point of contact in Mondi for collaboration with Retailers on achieving Sustainability goals of Replace, Reduce, Recycle packaging materials with sustainable concepts developed and promoted in Mondi EcoSolutions initiative.

Marek Skorwider,

Purchasing Director Recovered Paper, Mondi

For the last 25 years, Marek has been in the raw material sourcing industry, including his past work experience in Mars and Nutreco Groups
Since 2007, he has been heading paper for recycling (PfR) supply for Mondi Swiecie mill, as well as the coordination of Mondi Group PfR sourcing in Europe.

Sándor Kettinger,

CE Buying Manager Stationery – General Merchandise, Tesco

Sandor joined Tesco in 2015 and is now the Central European Buying Manager for Stationery and Shopping bags. He started the project of “Closing the Loop” two years ago and worked closely with Mondi. Now he brought it to life in Tesco stores across the CE region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland) and has always an open eye for sustainable solutions.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how Mondi can help you close the loop.
  • How to use packaging waste for your business advantage.
  • How EcoVantage paper can help you achieve your sustainability goals.


  • Head of Packaging
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Head of Logistics
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  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Sustainability Manager
  • CSR Manager
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