Differentiation through smart packaging

Sponsored by: LyondellBasell

Focused on:

  • Easy
  • Peel
  • Applications

Date: 26 March


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

Easy to open packaging: a simple but very challenging concept for the packaging developer

Packaging developers are facing rising challenges placed on them by the demands of modern society. These challenges could be the same throughout the world or different by geographic region. In Western Countries, for example, the demographics show an increase of the average age of the population. On the other hand, a more active and mobile lifestyle finds that more food is consumed outside the homes or using ready-cooked meals. In addition there is the general trend to spend less time over the meal itself. So it is clear that modern packaging, independent of the target audience has to be practical, effective, easy to open without the use of sharp objects and at the same time protects the product inside keeping it fresh longer. This is a challenge which at the same time could provide the opportunity for product differentiation through smart packaging.

In this webinar LyondellBasell’s flexible packaging experts, will describe how LyondellBasell products could help to solve the challenges in packaging that result from modern life. One of the features highly appreciated by consumers is an easy open packaging. A package that doesn’t open easily is extremely frustrating and this factor could result in the destruction of the packaging and the packaged goods.

The first part of the webinar will feature LyondellBasell’ s products for easy peel applications and how these products could be used in order to satisfy the challenges originating from the market.

In the second part of the webinar our flexible packaging expert will provide several application examples where LyondellBasell technology was able to successfully address the different application requirements. We will show practical cases touching a broad range of applications such as vacuum packaging, lidding film, bags and pouches. All the flexible package solutions are based on Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our webinar and we will be very happy to show how LyondellBasell technology is a unique tool to help packaging developers to solve the challenges coming from modern society.

Presented by

Stefano Pasquali,

Marketing Manager PB-1 Specialties

Graduated in Chemistry at Ferrara University in 1988 and working in LyondellBasell (ex Himont; ex Montell and ex Basell) since 1991, in different departments on different projects: Polyolefins formulation; Polyolefins Catalyst development; Catalyst Business Technical Support for Europe/Russia/India, Business Development Manager for Plastomer. Currently Marketing Manager PB-1 Specialties located in Rotterdam.

Gianluca Musacchi,

Senior ADTS Engineer PB-1 Specialties

Industrial Engineer. Working in LyondellBasell since 1988 (ex Himont; ex Montell and ex Basell), in different departments with different occupations: processing expert in film (cast, blown, BOPP), injection moulding (included TWIM), pipes, blown moulding, sheet extrusion, extrusion coating; PB-1 pipe expert; PB-1 specialties expert. Currently Senior Application Development Project Leader and Technical Support for PB-1 Specialties. Located in Ferrara (Italy).

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how a packaging challenge could turn into a growing business opportunity; entering in easy open packaging
  • Easy open as one name for several applications, learn how many opportunities can be achieved
  • Learn which LyondellBasell products can support your easy open needs
  • Learn what are the most important parameters to take in consideration when you have to develop an easy open packaging system


  • Heads of Packaging
  • Heads of Innovation/R&D
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Heads of Purchasing
  • Product Line Managers
  • Brand Owners
  • Brand Manager
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Packaging Designers