How the paper carrier bag can drive towards circular economy

Sponsored by: Mondi Group

Focused on:

  • Packaging Landscape

Date: 26 April


Time: 2PM London/3PM Vienna

The Paper packaging landscape is changing. Learn more!

As we all know, the European Paper packaging landscape is changing daily due to different consumer trends and behaviours on the one hand, and legislation on the other. Companies need to stay up-to-date and adjust their strategies accordingly in order to keep ahead of the game. The best way to face future challenges is to solve the current obstacles and look to the horizon for futures ones. That is why have invited Kennert Johannson from CEPI EUROKRAFT (European Association of Sack Kraft and Kraft Paper Producers) to talk to us about paper carrier bags, and the current and future European landscape around paper and packaging legislations.

At the same time, we at Mondi have set our MAP 2030 goals to contribute to a better world. We believe that by focusing on circular driven solutions created by empowered people, and taking action on climate, we will have the most impact. With this goal in mind, Mondi Kraft Paper as a paper manufacturer is focusing on solutions that help our customers to move towards a circular economy.

Products and raw materials that are supporting a circular economy is our main focus, and with this webinar we want to share our paper expertise and how it could help a retailer towards a circular economy and sustainability, without compromising the most important goals of packaging, quality, and performance.

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Presented by

Kennert Johansson,

Acting Secretary General, CEPI Eurokraft

Kennert Johansson was educated in Business Economics at Linköping University in Sweden, with a focus on logistics. He joined Södra in the seventies and worked for 8 years with logistics of wood and finished products. Then he joined the institute sector in Sweden and worked for 35 years in what today is RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden. He worked as a consultant and researcher within the packaging area with a focus on packaging logistics. For many years he was responsible for Trade and Industry Groups within paper production, corrugated and kraft paper/ paper sacks/paper carrier bags. Today he is Secretary general for CEPI Eurokraft which is a European branch organisation for companies producing kraft paper.

Graeme Smith,

Head of Product Sustainability, Mondi

Graeme has over 25 years’ experience in plastic processing, developing and designing innovative solutions for many demanding applications such as automotive, aerospace, construction and of course - packaging. At Mondi he is responsible for the product sustainability of all consumer related packaging. Graeme coordinates Mondi’s sustainability R&D efforts and is key to ensuring the ambition of commitments like the Ellen Macarthur New Plastics Economy become a reality.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Why sustainable managed forestry is the key to sustainable packaging
  • The current legislation in Europe for paper packaging
  • The upcoming legislation in Europe for paper packaging
  • How paper bags can support Brand Owners for their branding


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