Insight to Impact: Embracing Consumer-Driven Package Design

Sponsored by: Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a division of HAVI Global Solutions, LLC

Focused on:

  • Packaging
  • Consumer
  • Insight
  • Research

Date: 24 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Leveraging the Power of Consumer, Customer and Market Insights in Packaging

Achieving the desired "A-HA" moment isn't as easy as it might seem. Over 80% of new products fail. The cost of failed product launches is staggering, costing companies millions of dollars and eroding valuable brands.

Package design founded in consumer, customer and market insight is a best-practice of world-class packaging organizations. Simple to say; not so simple to do. Research planning, understanding the consumer and/or customer mind -getting into their heads and understanding their decision-making criteria, and looking holistically across the value chain to both confirm and challenge assumptions, are essential for packaging design and development to add value to the business.

This webinar explores the traditional limitations of consumer insight efforts for packaging development. You will learn about a proven consumer and customer insights approach that will help you effectively gather, interpret and apply meaningful insights to your packaging, enabling your product, brand and business to achieve "A-HA" and break free from the competitive clutter to category leadership.

Presented by

Jill Ahern,

Consulting Services Director

Jill Ahern is Consulting Services Director at Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a division of HAVI Global Solutions, LLC (HGS), where she leverages her background in creative leadership & psychology to lead the practice in market & consumer insight, innovation, and packaging strategy. Jill previously held positions as Principal of consulting firm Promentum, co-founder of InnovationU, a program for creative culture building, and Strategic Development Officer with VerticalXchange.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Data is not insight; you will learn how to ask the 'right' questions.
  • Drivers: Understanding the 'need' behind the need
  • How to integrate diverse value chain perspectives
  • How to provide and prove your value


  • Heads of Packaging
  • Packaging Designers
  • Brand Managers
  • Brand Owners
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Consumer Insight Leaders
  • Market Research
  • Package Developers