Learn how to improve your bioplastics performance

Sponsored by: Perstorp AB

Focused on:

  • Bioplastics
  • Biopolymer
  • Formulations

Date: 29 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Overcome bioplastics performance challenges by modifying your biopolymer solutions and formulations.

The need for more sustainable solutions is increasing and the biopolymer usage is growing rapidly. To capture the full potential in this market there are still some challenges to be resolved in terms of performance. Many biopolymers are suffering from brittleness, thermal sensitivity and low moisture resistance. Introducing the caprolactones technology it can offer solutions to overcome these challenges!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how you can modify your biopolymer solutions and formulations to obtain improved performance. Starting with the caprolactone chemistry and the impact of using polycaprolactone together with widely used biopolymers such as polylactic acid (PLA) and thermoplastic starch (TPS) highlighting the key performance enhancers.

In the webinar we will look at how you can enhance the mechanical performance by increasing the toughness, improve the flexibility and facilitate the processing. Learn more about polycaprolactone known to be readily biodegradable and still stable in use in three focus segments; paper coatings, bags & films and packaging.

Today the focus is no longer on using one biopolymer only but rather to combine biopolymers to find the best bioplastic solution without trading away sustainability and/or biodegradability. This is what we see as a winning formula where we want to take the lead in developing new bioplastic products and support our customers.

Presented by

Linda Zellner,

Project Manager Bioplastics Perstorp

Linda Zellner is Project Manager, Innovation - Materials and others at Perstorp, a position she has held since 2011, when she joined Perstorp. She coordinates cross-functional innovation projects within Green chemistry and Bioplastics, working with internal and external partners on a global level. Her main responsibilities include project planning, developing marketing strategies and creating new competitive products within the targeted segments.

Read Linda Zellner's interview here.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to enhance the biopolymer performance with Capaâ„¢ for Bioplastics
  • New solutions to solve technical challenges in your formulations
  • New ideas in bioplastics applications
  • Perstorp as a partner in bioplastics


  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Marketing & Sales
  • Head of Product development
  • Head of Sustainability/environment
  • Product Managers within bioplastics
  • Project Managers
  • Research and development
  • Head of Business Units
  • Bioplastics specialists
  • Purchasers