Profitable On-Demand Printing for Corrugated Packaging

Sponsored by: XANTE

Focused on:

  • Digital
  • Printing
  • Corrugated
  • Packaging

Date: 21 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to grow your business and improve efficiencies with your flexo presses with Digital Printing

It’s an exciting time in the corrugated industry as the benefits of digital print known for years in the commercial graphic market are now available for the packaging market. But how do you begin to navigate the challenges when you decide to jump in and create or expand this revenue channel? What are customers looking for and are you prepared to meet their needs? How are early adopters already transforming the market and what is the right investment and positioning? While other print markets can be impacted by the internet, the packaging market will continue to grow. Products will always need to be packaged, even those purchased online. At this moment already more than 95% of all products worldwide are shipped in corrugated boxes and according to recent Smithers Pira's forecast the market will grow 4% annually over the next five years. Most of the corrugated boxes are now printed with Flexo or Litho. Both techniques have limitations; prohibitively expensive for short runs, long set-up time and not flexible or able to personalize or customize print.

Are you saying no to customers’ requests and losing business opportunities with new customers when you say no to short runs? As a manufacturer are you aware how easy it is to make and print boxes in-house for low volume SKU's? As a converter are you tired of throwing away unused boxes and storing boxes for customers who won’t take full delivery? A short run opportunity may provide an opportunity for larger printed box orders in the long run that would not have been available if they had denied their customers' short run requests. The box market is waking up to the advantages that digital print offers. Corrugated box converters need to get their feet wet now using digital equipment, ideally with a low capital investment, so they will be better prepared to transition more of their work to digital in the future.

In this webinar we explore the current market situation, review forecasts from experts, define the challenges facing key players in the corrugated market and offer practical advice about how to take the first step into digital. Digital printing is not only about short runs of a few hundred pieces. Digital equipment can be used to make current flexo presses more efficient by off-loading mid-size jobs (under 5K) to digital equipment so the 8,000 - 10,000 boxes per hour flexo presses can stay up and running longer with fewer change overs.

We will familiarize our participants with the myriad benefits of digital print such as:

  • Adding value to your print by adding bar-coding, labeling, QR codes and Sequential Numbering
  • Creating brand awareness by adding logo's, images, slogans, advertisements, promotions and reactive marketing
  • Creating new revenue streams and differentiating your product lines
  • Print what your customer needs, no warehousing or redundant stock
  • More choices for your customers
  • Adjust languages and messages on each box (versioning)
  • Fast turnaround times and no set-up time
  • Print prototypes in seconds
  • Remove issues of registration and color matching on flexo presses

Understand the demands and benefits of digital print for corrugated packaging and make a practical plan for the future of your business. Join us on April 21st, 2015 to traverse this complicated and relevant topic.

Presented by

Ralph Young,

Technical Advisor

Ralph serves as the Technical Advisor to the AICC and is involved in the ASKRALPH membership service. He spent his entire corporate career in the forest products industry investing the last 28 years in the paper and corrugated packaging segment. He has worked in woodlands, primary manufacturing, sales and sales management, marketing, business planning and communications, and three different assignments in product development. He was there when the industry moved to ECT from Mullen and now right weight packaging. His companies have included Champion International-twice, Georgia-Pacific (Great Southern Paper), International Paper and Mead Containerboard.

He is a well-known speaker and expert on the technical aspects of corrugated packaging and box engineering. He is also an often requested writer for trade publications. He earned a BS in Forest Management and an MBA.

J. Mark Swanzy,

COO, Xante Corporation

Mark Swanzy is XANTE's Chief Operating Officer and has been an integral part of the company's success since 1990. Mark is directly responsible for the development and management of the company's product plans utilizing the Memjet technology and identifying business opportunities and OEM partner relationships for the XANTE products powered by Memjet technology. Prior to working with XANTE, Mark worked as a certified public accountant and a partner in a public accounting firm for eleven years. Mark holds a BS in Accounting from the University of South Alabama.

Melissa van Gelderen,

General Manager, Xante Europe

As General Manager, Melissa is responsible for the direction of the European branch of Xanté Corporation, covering EMEA region. She has held several roles in her 10 years at Xante, including sales management and marketing communication. Melissa has over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing, 15 of which have been in a leadership role.

Rui Cardoso,

Product Specialist Coordinator, Xante Europe

As Product Specialist Coordinator, Rui is the link between the technical and commercial activities of Xanté Europe. Rui has a background in flexo printing and graphic design. He has been involved in all key product launches at Xanté during his 8 years with the company.

Josh McNaughton,

Product Specialist, Xante Corporation

As Product Specialist for the Excelagraphix 4200, Josh is a key technicial lead that works closely with customers, sales staff, technicial support, and engineering at Xante. Josh has been involved with digital printing for 15years. He has been focused specifically on the Excelagraphix 4200 since it's debut.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The existing corrugated print market.
  • Benefits of personalized digital print.
  • What do your customers want and the consequences if you can’t provide it.
  • Concrete points to consider when making a digital investment.


  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Production
  • Marketing Manager
  • Production Manager