Regulatory assessment of food contact packaging adhesives

Sponsored by: H.B. Fuller

Focused on:

  • Legislation
  • Manufacturing
  • Feica

Date: 6 May


Time: 4PM Paris/10AM New York

Ensuring Food Safety – how to assess adhesives used in food contact packaging?

H.B. Fuller understands that food safety is an integral part of the packaging industry. Today's challenge is that, as an unregulated substance group in Europe, food packaging adhesives can be difficult to evaluate.

To support you in making the right decision, Elizabeth Staab and Alexandra Ross will examine the role of current legislation, providing understanding about how the Guidance from the Association of European Adhesives and Sealants Industry (FEICA) helps the adhesive manufacturer and user.

Elizabeth and Alexandra will review the step-by-step process of the raw material and adhesive evaluation that ensures adhesives used for food packaging are safe. They will also explain what information needs to be provided on a food contact status paper so that adequate data is communicated up the supply chain.

H.B. Fuller's focus on perfecting adhesives means they are an active player in the development and application of the Guidance of Food Contact Status Declaration for Adhesives.

Presented by

Alexandra Ross,

Product Regulatory Specialist

Alexandra, Product Regulatory Specialist, is responsible for the risk evaluation and compliance matter for H.B. Fuller packaging adhesives in Europe. Alexandra has over 13 years of experience in regulatory affairs with focus on food safety. Alexandra is the vice-chair of the technical working group “paper and packaging” of the Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry (FEICA).

Elizabeth Staab,

Marketing Manager Packaging Solutions

With a pan-European and emerging markets view, Elizabeth is focused on identifying market trends and unmet customer needs to translate them into products. With her extensive knowledge of the packaging industry and B2B marketing experience, Elizabeth acts as a connection between market and technology, customers and research and development.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • There is currently no harmonized EU regulation for adhesives.
  • The choice of the right raw material by adhesive manufacturer is key.
  • FEICA has developed the Guidance for Food Contact Status Declaration for Adhesives.
  • The downstream user needs to perform a risk assessment for intended adhesive application.


  • Research & Development
  • Quality Manager
  • EHS
  • Regulatory
  • Sourcing/Procurement
  • Packaging Specialists