Secure Your Supply Chain with Authentic, Safe and Connected Products

Sponsored by: Systech

Focused on:

  • Brand Protection
  • Packaging
  • Supply Chain

Date: 17 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

The Future of True Brand Protection is Here - from Manufacturer to Consumer

Major global brands are rapidly adopting innovative technologies to fight the growing issue of product counterfeiting and diversion—but which ones work, and don’t work?

The statistics are staggering. Counterfeiting is now the largest criminal enterprise in the world. The trade in counterfeit and pirated goods is currently a $1.7 trillion per year industry-that's more than drugs and human trafficking-and is expected to grow to $2.8 trillion and cost 5.4 million jobs by 2022. Companies today are spending over $150 billion in additive anti-counterfeiting packaging. Everything from holograms, special seals and inks, watermarks, to RFID tags – all at a very high cost with marginal results. Why are we fighting these problems with old weapons? What’s next?

Companies are adopting additive and costly packaging elements in order to keep products authentic, safe and connected across the supply chain—from manufacturing to the consumer’s hands. The trouble is, global supply chain intrusion is on the rise and it’s getting more difficult to track and trace real products to detect counterfeiting and diversion with many existing and outdated technologies.

What if your brand could truly protect and secure its products all the way from manufacturer to consumer utilizing existing barcodes on your current packaging?

IMAGINE digitally fingerprinting any product and making it uniquely identifiable, globally tracked and protected against counterfeiting and diversion.
IMAGINE doing all this without adding any special ink or hologram sticker or RFID tags.
IMAGINE making your package instantly SMART!
IMAGINE doing this at a fraction of the cost of additive solutions.
IMAGINE no more. The future is here!

Presented by

David DeJean,

SVP Strategic Initiatives

David DeJean is responsible for Systech’s strategic accounts. In this role, he supports and educates customers and stakeholders on best practices for implementing enterprise serialization, track-and-trace and authentication solutions.

DeJean brings a wealth of market knowledge and hands-on experience in serialization solution development and project methodology to Systech. In addition to supporting customers and stakeholders, his role includes staying abreast of business and industry drivers and international regulations as well as defining high-performance, cost-effective solutions that will easily integrate and expand to meet future needs.

DeJean is a serialization subject matter expert. During his Systech tenure, he has had various roles including engineering management, product marketing, professional services and sales management.

Greg Cathcart,


CEO of Excellis Health Solutions, Greg Cathcart, is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and growth, as well as cultivating emerging markets. As a recognized industry leader through his work with HDA, GS1, IQPC, NACDS, PDA, Greg works directly with clients to understand their business needs and identify approaches to realize the value to be gained by transparent, synchronized solutions.

Greg is also the founding member of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Supply Chain consortium, Global Track and Trace (GTT). Recently, Greg was the recipient of the CEO of the Year Award by the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies 2017 Enterprise Awards.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Explore industry challenges and solutions being adopted by global brands in pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries.
  • Learn how their counterfeiting and diversion challenges, solutions, and results impacted their business and mitigated risk.
  • Protect your brand promise and customer trust. Get insight into end-to-end brand protection solutions and services being implemented in a rapid and cost-effective way.
  • Get a glimpse into emerging technologies like blockchain that can be deployed to combine digital identity with authenticated and trusted physical product identity offering complete visibility and more robust information and data capture.


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  • Global Public Health
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  • Operations
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