Sustainability macro trends and the impact of Covid-19

Sponsored by: Mondi Group

Focused on:

  • Consumer Expectations

Date: 12 May


Time: 2PM London/ 3PM Vienna

Ready to gain some insights on how the consumers think and act?

Join our webinar where we share the recent findings of studies run by Mintel and presented by the senior analyst Richard Cope. During the webinar we will take a look from the consumer’s perspective, which will be structured in three parts:

1. Consumers’ current sustainability behaviours and attitudes in general and in specific regard to packaging and recycling.

2. How macro trends across demographics, home life, health, resources and technology will change in the coming decade, along with examples of key early sustainability innovations (including those in packaging) that will go mainstream.

3. And then as a cherry on top, recommendations for how to operate as a sustainable company and what this means for the retail paper bags industry.

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Presented by

Richard Cope,

Senior Trends Consultant, MINTEL

He has almost two decades of experience in market research and futurology, helping companies to apply Trends strategically to their business. He often covers future market opportunities around issues as diverse as Artificial Intelligence, urbanisation, sustainable packaging and the world’s ageing population.

Kalle Taari,

Head of Strategy & Product Management Kraft Paper, Mondi

Kalle is Finnish and has been with Mondi in various roles for nine years covering commercial and operational topics. He is now responsible for strategy and product management for Mondi’s Kraft Paper products and business. He is passionate about renewable packaging and that is reflected on his daily job.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Global projections on packaging waste by material until 2030
  • What consumers expect from their sustainable packaging
  • The impact of Covid-19 on sustainability and packaging
  • Forecast for the future packaging.
  • How do consumers expect a green company – and retailers - to behave and act?


  • Head of Packaging
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Head of Logistics
  • Head of Purchase
  • Head of Procurement
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Sustainability Manager
  • CSR Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Packaging Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Brand owners
  • Procurement Manager