The Evolution of the Keg

Sponsored by: Petainer Holdings Limited

Focused on:

  • Packaging
  • Materials
  • Brands
  • Markets

Date: 10 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Economics drive the decision for breweries to add PET kegs to their keg fleet

Just like other businesses, brewers, wine producers and brand owners are interested in accessing new markets; either with premium products or authentic brands. High freight costs, payments related to returning packaging and loss of the high value steel keg fleet are just a few reasons why many international brands are adding PET kegs to their keg fleet.

Due to the weight of steel kegs, there is no opportunity to maximise the freight payload (max. truck loading weight will be reached quicker than the max. load space – leading to wasted payload), this makes it difficult to grow export markets quickly due to associated costs.

New entrants to the market are finding it difficult to bring their new brands ‘to life’ simply because the cost to market entry is so prohibitive. The capex investment makes market entry almost impossible without significant financial backing.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are becoming more and more part of the consumer’s decision making process, and when making this assessment do you have the ‘right answers’ to transportation of air around the globe, extensive use of water, use of electricity, lack of maximisation of the freight payload.

The taste argument has for a long time been the deciding factor for the slow evolution of the PET keg, now that all the evidence is available that taste is showing results equal between PET and Steel (many independent tests available), now is the time to get the expert view, allowing you to make the right decision for your quality product; new markets will open up for you.

This webinar will provide you with specific details, in a few simple steps, that allows you to complete a first analysis of your packaging requirements AND select the appropriate packaging solution based on the information you provide. You will find clear answers on how to maximise freight in your business, effectively access new markets, bring new products to 'the world', it's simply economics. Sign up today to have access to our simple to use templates, support the evolution of the keg and address the economics of adding PETkegs to your keg fleet.

Presented by

Annemieke Hartman - Jemmett,

Group Commercial Strategy Director

Annemieke presents robust understanding of the evolution of the keg and this webinar offers detailed insight allowing the participants to make informed decisions; economic choices are offered to brand owners and experts allowing access new markets and introduce premium products to new audiences. Being able to provide a balanced view of PET kegs in the market will offer the participant an opportunity to better understand the options available to drive for growth in the beer, wine and cider sector

Axel Hartwig,

Independent Beer Consultant

Axel Hartwig has been selected to join this webinar as a key note speaker. Axel, as an independent expert in the beer industry, assess all current PET keg products in the market place. Axel continues to be involved in long term tests on packaging products for beer and wine working in close partnership with renowned universities and the Berlin based VLB. Axel has recently worked in Korea on a special project. Axel is very knowledgeable on providing insight into the packaging performance including taste and temperature.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Creation of a comprehensive list of challenges; detailing the impact on the business and the compilation of a list of options
  • Solutions (general) to grow business reduce costs addressing all the challenges
  • Analysis Template; allowing the participant to collect relevant data in a structured way
  • Solution Template; allowing the participant to run their business through this model; identifying the most economic solution for their business


  • Brew Masters
  • Technical Directors
  • Head of Packaging
  • Head of Research
  • Head of Marketing
  • C-Suite
  • Project Manager
  • Head of Procurement
  • Distributors
  • Agents
  • Beer
  • Wine and Cider Experts
  • Industry Consultants