Best Practices in Network Provider Business Transformation - 2PM London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Network Provider
  • W A N
  • V P N

Date: 16 September


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

A service provider go-to-market checklist for operational streamlining and best practices

The enterprise move from legacy networks to VPNs is effectively complete. As the legacy migration pipeline ran out of gas, network providers had to square off against each other directly take VPN clients. The obvious fallout is a steady price erosion of global providers' port pricing. How to differentiate WAN services for value in a world where cloud thinking dominates the spotlight?

This presentation looks at some of the best practices that network providers are using to become more effective: Practices such as accelerating the quote-to-bill process; internal and external process streamlining for service delivery; ramping up channel partners and ecosystems; inter-company coordination through SaaS; and effective bundles to target SMEs.

This webinar will also look at some service management technologies that alternatively help or threaten network providers, by further stepping competitive pressures around WAN services.

All varieties network services providers are under pressure to keep revenues and margins stable. Please join us in this checklist discussion of the ways that network providers seek to improve their operations and business practices to go to market most effectively.

Presented by

Brian Washburn,

Service Director, Global Business Network and IT Services

Brian has covered the telecom industry for more than 20 years, and has been with Current Analysis for more than 10 years. As Service Director for Global Business Network and IT Services, Brian analyzes how service providers operate efficiently and compete effectively in enterprise services. His technology areas of coverage include network infrastructure and IP services; managed services including immersive video; and in the U.S., services targeting mid-market businesses.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To learn where network providers are focusing to maximize their effectiveness.
  • To adopt ideas helping your network services go-to-market more efficiently and effectively.
  • To better understand the spectrum of provider goals in adopting new practices.
  • Introduction of technologies that are potential future challenges for network providers.


  • Network Planning
  • Operations & Infrastructure
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Marketing
  • Strategy & Competitive Intelligence