Connecting Capabilities

Sponsored by: Telstra

Focused on:

  • Digital Transformation
  • It
  • Technology

Date: 14 December


Time: 3PM London/4PM Paris/10AM New York

A report in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit focussing on how organisations connect systems, process and people to accelerate in digital environments

We know that traditional business models and technologies are being disrupted. And we know that our customers’ businesses are facing challenges from changing behaviour, new and nimble competitors, a boom in requirements for ICT capacity and internal pressure to do more with less. The world is being fundamentally changed by connections, thanks in large part to advances in computer processing speeds, broadband Internet access and the creation of robust digital platforms.

Telstra, in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit, conducted a study entitled 'Connecting Capabilities' which explores how companies are harnessing their connectedness to transform themselves digitally. This study will provide you with a benchmark against how your customers can measure themselves, both on an industry- as well as country-basis.

It will explore how businesses can thrive by identifying ways of solving today’s problems with tomorrow’s solution right now. Sign up now and find out how you can embrace new and existing partnerships to transform your businesses digitally.

Presented by

Tony Clement,

Principal Consultant EMEA/USA Business Technology Services, Global Enterprise and Services

Tony is a seasoned business and IT professional with 30+ years of international experience ranging from Fortune 1000 to technology start-ups. Tony has successfully captured and translated business vision into strategy and actionable, executable architectures. As an experienced executive and manager he leverages his pragmatic and direct style to deliver results to stakeholders through the creation of high performing teams or through his personal expertise.

Before joining Telstra in 2015, Tony was an executive leader in Enterprise Architects, a Melbourne based niche strategy and architecture consultancy.

A few engagements of note during his tenure with Enterprise Architects were developing the ICT aspects of the Pricing Determination for Aurora Energy, establishing pattern based solutioning methodology for ANZ Bank infrastructure architecture, leading NAB enterprise architecture practice, and developing an ICT strategy for Echo Entertainment.

Tony has held corporate positions as the head of strategy and architecture for Energy Australia, Sensis and AWB.

Further information and references are available through Linkedin.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Index to what extent connectedness can be used to achieve digital transformation
  • Explore the opportunity to rank industries and countries according to their digital connectedness
  • Describe what a digitally transformed company looks like in different industries as a result of greater connectedness
  • Gain a better understanding of the challenges that companies face in achieving a digital transformation


  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Director
  • Group/Global IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Procurement
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Head of Infrastructure and Architecture
  • Technical Director
  • Technical Consultant
  • Senior Software Engineer