Cracking the Digital Transformation Code Across Healthcare

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Healthcare
  • Digital Transformation

Date: 17 November


Time: 10AM Boston/3PM London

The healthcare sector is in the midst of its greatest transformation

The healthcare sector is in the midst of its greatest transformation, where medical informatics meets digital innovation. Technology as the core enabler is touching every facet of services provision, as practitioners strive to build an installed base of patients, build brand loyalty, and create an agile, informed workforce. Furthermore, the ripple effect from movements such as social cohesion and the quantifiable self have added an unprecedented level of disruption. Practitioners increasingly need to justify their place across the wider health ecosystem.

They cannot act alone, with the scale of the competitive force sweeping across the sector enforcing a more far-reaching and strategic response. Not content with sitting on the sidelines, strong examples of intrapreneurship and new types of partnership are emerging.

Vendors too need to pivot in direct response. While there is an urgency for CIOs to embrace data-driven intelligence, providers need to support them to mitigate risk, and better understand how to advance along the digital and analytics maturity curve.

Please join us as we discuss the challenges practitioners face around digital transformation, and consider how to meaningfully interpret the big IT themes.

Presented by

Andrena Logue,

Research Director, IT in Healthcare

Andrena leads the global healthcare service within Current Analysis, supporting vendors and their partners to contextualise market dynamics, competitively benchmark, determine best practice, interpret demand trends, and develop positioning strategies.
She has joined from Global Data’s sister company, Kable, where as Research Director she advised both strategic and territorial sales teams from across the enterprise technology sector on how best to engage with NHS commissioners and providers, build and enhance healthcare related credentials, and plan in readiness for technology refresh programmes.
With more than twenty years of experience as a technology analyst, she has led analysis and consultancy teams, primarily within the global networks sector, advising local and regional vendor teams on addressable opportunities, portfolio planning, strategic positioning, and partner engagement.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the key trends that are driving the digital transformation across healthcare
  • Understand the digital fit within the overall infrastructure
  • Assess your ability to cultivate new multi-tier relationships
  • Educate providers on how to plan for IT maturity


  • C Levels
  • IT Managers
  • Dir Managed Care
  • Dir Digital Innovation
  • Dir Transformation
  • Dir Telemedicine
  • Line of Business Managers in Healthcare
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Managers
  • Sales Directors