Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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Date: 30 August


Time: 1PM New York / 10AM California

What's Next in the Enterprise Cloud Journey?

The manufacturing sector is entering its next big new phase in digital transformation that is as radical a shift as the assembly line and the first computerized automation systems. The combination of communications, automation, and analytics are transforming how goods are manufactured, built, maintained and continuously improved.

Companies in the manufacturing sector are under pressure to become agile and customer-centric. Their product lifecycles are rapidly changing: Clients are demanding ever-increasing levels of customization, and supply chains are being disrupted through new channel options. Companies are looking to transform their operations by creating an integrated ecosystem, connecting the automated factory floor, while also adding digital intelligence to shipped products.

The change has already begun: Custom orders built to an audience of one; devices on the factory floor or in the field that provide large volumes of machine data for analysis, inventory management and proactive maintenance; highly detailed resource tracking that starts with raw materials, to pinpoint issues of quality or waste quickly; and migration from device-and-support contracts to product-as-a-service models.

Please join us as we discuss digital trends in the manufacturing industry, the issues enterprises face around digital transformation, and enabling communications technologies.

Presented by

Brian Washburn,

Service Director, Global Business Network & IT Services, Current Analysis

Brian has covered the telecom industry for more than 20 years, and has been with Current Analysis for more than 10 years. As Service Director for Global Business Network and IT Services, Brian analyzes how service providers operate efficiently and compete effectively in enterprise services. His technology areas of coverage include network infrastructure and IP services; managed services including immersive video; and in the U.S., services targeting mid-market businesses.

Brian has been interviewed and quoted by various media outlets including NPR, CIO magazine, the Washington Post, the Star Tribune, TechTarget, Xchange, Network World and Light Reading. Brian graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Communication from the University of Massachusetts.

Peter Juffernholz,

Associate Vice President, Global VPN Services, Tata Communications.

Peter Juffernholz is a seasoned expert in the field of VPN and Internet solutions with over two decades of experience successfully selling, developing, managing, and consulting a wide range of networking products and services in the global marketspace.

Peter is the Head of Global MPLS Services at Tata Communications where he oversees the creation of innovative, software driven and virtualized network overlay and integration services. His team is responsible to onboard SD-WAN, NFV and Orchestration services that form part of the companies IZO platform.

Mr. Juffernholz studied Philosophies and Middle Eastern Archeology at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. He is an active contributor in numerous industry associations, including North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG), TeleManagement Forum (TMF) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Key Learning Objectives

  • Showcase how digital technologies have started to transform the manufacturing sector
  • Discuss enabling technologies that are creating the shift to the intelligent factory floor, and to the integrated ecosystem
  • Hear examples of how companies transformed digitally for their own and their customers' advantage
  • Address how businesses can adapt their infrastructure faster to keep up with growing cloud deployments


  • CIO
  • CTO
  • IT Executives in Operations, Networks, Infrastructure
  • Executives in Cloud Applications, Voice and Collaboration