Enterprise Cloud & Network Service Trends in Europe - 2PM London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

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Date: 16 April


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

This Webinar will explore key successes, future strategies for pursuing extended cloud service models and the main trends in connectivity and WAN services for enabling cloud. Global providers are well-positioned to add cloud services to their solutions, but one size does not fit all. Can telcos convince the market that there is a clear benefit to sourcing cloud and network from a single provider? In the UK, the agenda has become ‘cloud first’ by central government order; working on the principal that it should seek to use existing solutions rather than looking for bespoke services. Meanwhile, virtualisation of communications has allowed Over the Top (OTT) players to gain traction, and SME app stores need more innovation to reach the next set of users.

Register to the Current Analysis “Enterprise Cloud & Network Service Trends in Europe” Webinar so that we may share with our insights into the rapidly evolving cloud and network services space targeting several enterprise market segments. The Webinar will cover the main carrier initiatives and provide analysis on the progress of carrier-neutral versus network-centric cloud services. We will provide ample examples of carrier initiatives in network and virtualization technologies designed to beat the competition and stand out. The session will start with the access story, and move towards the core upon which services are being delivered giving a summary of the effective go-to-market messaging carriers are adopting to gain share.

Presented by

Joel Stradling,

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Joel has been with Current Analysis for nine years and has 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry. As a Research Director for the Business Network and IT Services, Joel and team his cover global and European providers of enterprise voice and data network services, as well as the international wholesale carrier-to-carrier services market. Additionally, Joel covers managed WAN solutions, including Ethernet and IP VPN, and on new service developments in the wholesale space. Joel is a well known and highly regarded speaker at major conferences, and is read and regularly quoted by telecom industry media.

John Marcus,

Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

Based in Ireland, John has over 20 years of experience researching and analyzing telecom and IT markets. His focus is on new developments in cloud services and service providers in Europe. In previous roles, he has covered telecom and IT professional services, network infrastructure, VoIP, and enterprise data services for Current Analysis, Probe Research, and Marcus Communications.

Gary Barton,

Senior Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

As a Senior Analyst on the Current Analysis Business Network and IT Services team, Gary covers Business Telecoms Services for the UK and Ireland, with a particular interest in SME services. Gary's primary responsibilities are to update and maintain Current Analysis's competitor assessments for the major telecoms companies operating in the UK and on a Pan-European basis.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Create compelling network and cloud service ranges targeting MNC, European SME and UK public Sector.
  • Understand the key trends in the evolution of virtualization of networks and communications services.
  • For network providers/telcos: learn about how to compete against SIs and OTTs.
  • Understanding of the latest telco cloud initiatives, and connectivity trends for enabling cloud.


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  • Network Engineers
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  • IP specialists
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