NFV: The Smart Way to Virtualise. Without Compromise.

Sponsored by: Kapsch CarrierCom

Focused on:

  • N F V
  • Virtualisation

Date: 4 October


Time: 1PM UK/2PM CET

Conquer migration complexity to reap the rewards of NFV and ensure a future-proof solution

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) is set to transform the telecoms world – for good. It calls for a fundamental change to network infrastructure, but operators who are still in the dark risk being locked out of the benefits of NFV while the smartest ones are acting now to gain an early advantage. But there are challenges ahead and questions that operators of all sizes need answering, whether they’ve yet to begin their NFV journey or hit stumbling blocks along the way. What is the correct path to NFV to match our business needs? Do we adopt a full virtual solution now to lay the proper foundation for the future or do we protect legacy equipment? How do we scale while minimising complexity? And how do we achieve vital, five-nines-style redundancy in this new NFV world?

As a pioneer in NFV, with more than 30 years of systems integration expertise, Kapsch CarrierCom is ideally placed to navigate the complexities of NFV adoption. In this invaluable and in-depth webinar, we explore the realities of virtualisation and how Kapsch CarrierCom enables operators to exploit the huge potential of NFV by overcoming the inevitable challenges and delivering the smartest route to deployment.

By tapping into our knowledge and expertise, you will learn how to tackle legacy, end-of-lifecycle equipment while setting up for next-generation NFV-enabled services. You’ll discover what resiliency and redundancy look like on an NFV architecture. You’ll see why a multi-vendor approach is ideal for long-term growth. And you'll discover how Kapsch CarrierCom's 'from lab-to-live' approach offers a complete package of individual solutions and makes us best placed to partner you on your journey to NFV.

This unmissable webinar will empower operators with knowledge and key skills to boost competitive edge, and walk down the NFV path with confidence. Don't get left behind. Secure your place by registering today!

Presented by

Marc Bouteyre,

Head of SDN/NFV Solution Management

As a Head of SDN/NFV Solution Management, Marc Bouteyre is responsible for the SDN/NFV task force, SDN/NFV technology and solution assessment. His role further includes responsibilities the development of the go-to-market model, the set-up of the partner ecosystem for the Carriers business unit and the management of the portfolio under sales. As a virtualization expert, Marc Bouteyre is also the spokesperson for all of Kapsch CarrierCom’s SDN/NFV activities.

•Head of SDN/NFV Solution Management (since November 2013)
•Senior OAM Product Line Management

•Head of Product and Project Line Management (Nortel, until 2009): Managing the introduction of Hardware and Software products for RAN solution.
•Channel Operation Management (Nortel, until 2002): Managing and developing partner relationships for Router portfolio.
•Product Manager PBX (Nortel, until 1999): EMEA Product Manager for Meridian 1 PBX, member of the "Product Advisory Committee" of the European User Association.


Marc Bouteyre holds a degree in Fundamental Physics from the Université Denis Diderot Paris. He also completed a Masters at the Ecole de Management Lyon in France and a Masters in the Management of New Technologies.

Sanja Boltek,

Technical Solution Manager

Key Learning Objectives

  • Handling legacy: how to manage end-of-lifecycle equipment while setting up for next-generation services
  • Making your network smart: what resiliency and redundancy look like on an NFV architecture
  • Going for growth: the importance of a multi-vendor approach for long-term success
  • How our ‘from lab-to-live’ approach is helping CSPs design, implement and manage the ideal NFV solution for client’s needs, while reducing the complexity of network projects


  • CTO
  • CFO
  • VP/Director/Head of Technical Departments
  • Head of Network Virtualisation/SDN/NFV
  • Technology Advisor/Strategist
  • Director Research & Innovation
  • Network Solution Architect