Open Source Technology: Supporting Digital Transformation

Sponsored by: Kable

Focused on:

  • Open Source Technology
  • Digital Transformation

Date: 27 September


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

How to successfully adapt and adopt open source software in support of your transformation projects

This webinar will cover two core issues; how to make the case for open source as an alternative or complement to proprietary software, and how to acquire and effectively deploy open source technology.

We will describe the role that open source technology can play, either as a replacement for or alongside proprietary technology in helping public sector organisations deliver their digital transformation agenda. We will highlight the potential benefits of open source, and describe how it can be presented to the business in terms of measurable business benefits.

The key challenges that IT professionals face when proposing open source solutions to the business will be discussed and we will provide recommendations on how to build the business case for open source, how to address common concerns about open source technology, and how to effectively compare open source technology alongside proprietary alternatives. We will look in detail at what it takes to successfully re-use and deploy open source solutions, particularly in the context of finding partners to support the implementation.

If you’re in the process of delivering digital transformation for your organisation, this webinar will help you clarify the role that open source technology could play in supporting your organisation's digital transformation program, and identify how you need to present open source in order to successfully apply it to your digital strategy.

Presented by

Gary Barnett,

Head of End User Advisory

Gary is responsible for developing Kable's enterprise research program and offering. Gary's primary research focus is the practical application of technologies and methodologies to help organisations deliver business change. His topic interests include business-focused IT strategy, the role of the CIO, application development, business process management, middleware, cloud computing, SOA, data management, globalization, green IT, innovation, legacy modernization, and infrastructure.

Gary has worked as an analyst, software engineer, CIO and consultant for over three decades. Over this time he has advised end-user organizations from the public, defence and private sectors on IT strategy, enterprise architecture, solution design, the internet of things, and best practice in architecture and software development.

Prior to joining Current Analysis, Gary served as the Chief Analyst for research firm Ovum's Software team. Before becoming an analyst, Gary worked first as a software engineer then as an enterprise architect in the UK and France, developing and designing mainframe and large-scale client-server applications. Gary also served as CIO and Membership Manager for the Royal Yachting Association, the UK's national body for sailing. In 2015, Gary was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society of the Arts. He is currently pro-bono CTO for Airsensor.org, a non-profit IoT startup.

Stuart J Mackintosh,

Chair of OpenUK & CEO/Founder of OpusVL

Stuart J Mackintosh has professionally implemented Free and Open Source software since the mid 90's and is now chair of OpenUK - The UK Open Source Industry Association.

He is active in the promotion of practical methods to professionally implement Open Source Software across public and private sectors, and has supported the UK Government with it's transition to Open Source and Open Standards. Stuart also works with various organisations including Open Forum Europe, FSFE, COIS and Apperta.

A background in hardware lead to computer networking and subsequently Stuart became an early adopter of Free and Open Source software with the aim of employing these approaches in a commercial setting whilst maintaining a balance with the Free & Open Source ecosystem. In the late 90's, he prototyped and developed numerous systems and processes that are only now being adopted in the marketplace.

In 1999, Stuart founded, and continues to lead OpusVL - an Open Source specialist company which provides customised business solutions, support and infrastructure. The company has pioneered and evolved process-lead Open Source implementation techniques, focused on achieving a successful outcome. This journey has enabled the discovery of sustainable Open Source business models and methods of professional acquisition.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into how open source technology can support digital transformation
  • Learn how to present open source alternatives alongside proprietary solutions
  • Explore the ways in which concerns about open source technology can be addressed
  • Develop a deeper understanding of best practice in the procurement and adoption of open source


  • Enterprise Architect
  • Head of Architecture
  • Head of Enterprise Architecture
  • Development Manager
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • CDO
  • CDIO