Protecting the Mobile Enterprise ā€“ how mobile management has become a vital part of IT and how you can't afford to leave it unprotected

Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

Focused on:

  • Enterprise
  • Mobility
  • Management

Date: 23 March


Time: 11am London

Corporate Data traversing unsecured networks is a major concern as businesses are forced to respond to demands for device based access to corporate information.

Companies are under pressure to adopt enterprise mobility technologies to deliver greater productivity. But without due security considerations and deployment of the right solutions with robust security capabilities companies can be exposed to critical vulnerabilities.

The impetus to go mobile is unstoppable and firms must learn how to protect their assets in a world of multiple operating systems, end points and networks.

This webinar will address the security concerns and business opportunities of Enterprise Mobility Management through a detailed dive into the technology and business approach of IBM MaaS360.

Companies which fail to adopt mobile technologies are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

This webinar will reveal the key considerations, objectives and solutions for a holistic mobile management strategy.

Presented by

Tavie Omele,

Senior Brand Sales Executive, IBM

My duties at IBM stretch from managing accounts to generating new leads and contacts, taking them through the education and sales cycle to tailor the solution to their needs before ultimately closing in a way that benefits my clients. I then provide post-sales support to clients and their team to ensure smooth roll-outs internally.

I am also heavily involved with our partner program, assisting partners of IBM with client roll-outs and providing solution demonstrations to forge lasting and prosperous partnerships.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Scalable, risk-based identity and access management
  • Secure applications against malware attacks and criminal reverse engineering
  • Detect high risk, fraudulent access and transactions
  • Integrated security intelligence and visibility across device and network activity


  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Compliance and Risk Management Data
  • Content & Information Architecture
  • Desktop & Mobile System Management
  • General Manager (Business Unit or Geographical)
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Business Administration
  • IT Ops Mgmt. / System Admin.
  • IT Professional
  • IT Strategy & Enterprise Arch
  • Messaging / Collaboration Architecture
  • Solution Architect
  • It Analyst