SD-WAN: Unleashing Business Agility At Reduced Costs

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Date: 6 April


Time: 14:00 CET/13:00 UK

Cut the cost and complexity of branch networking with agile, software-defined infrastructure

MPLS WAN infrastructures are typically complex and expensive to run, especially for large enterprises and utilities companies with multiple, geographically distributed branches. Add in the cost of metro, national and international IP-VPN services, and the WAN becomes a major cost centre.

In the quest for more efficient, cost-effective connectivity, many enterprises and utilities companies are looking into Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions to replace part, or all, of their MPLS WAN infrastructures. The SD-WAN architecture is a new approach to WAN networking, providing a secure, scalable, cloud-based overlay network built on Software Defined Networking (SDN) principles.

The major advantage of SD-WAN is that it allows organisations to reduce their OPEX by replacing their MPLS and IP-VPN connections with business broadband-type services like DSL. This can help to dramatically reduce equipment and management requirements and costs, while maintaining or even increasing the quality of the user's experience. With the option to replace traditional network connections and to collapse networking devices into virtualised appliances - SD-WAN delivers three key ways to reduce operating costs.

As well as the three-pronged cost savings, SD-WAN also dramatically increases network flexibility, with the ability to scale bandwidth up (and down) according to the demands of user applications. Additionally, new cloud-based services can be added with a few clicks of the mouse, ensuring that the network never slows innovation.
SD-WAN also makes it easier and less expensive to connect branch offices. Connections can be set up with minimal on-site equipment and minimal configuration, which means remote offices can be up and running faster and at much lower cost - with no specialist on-site IT support needed.

Finally, but just as importantly, SD-WAN enables enterprises to prioritise their business-critical applications and workloads, with no performance penalties caused by backhaul traffic hitting the data centre. This ensures that the end-user experience is always excellent - even if SLAs are officially lower than equivalent MPLS/IP-VPN connections.

Why Kapsch CarrierCom?
With in-depth knowledge of NFV, systems integration, telecommunications systems and IT, Kapsch CarrierCom has the knowledge and skills needed to ensure success for global SD-WAN deployments. As an independent network virtualisation expert, Kapsch CarrierCom puts innovation back in the hands of network owners. This means you can evolve your network without limits, quickly adding everything from new voice services to the latest security technologies. Moreover, an independent network expert can help clients to plan, design and implement an 'open', multi-vendor network strategy, while providing a single-point-of-contact. This translates as a strong potential for cost reduction coming from minimising project risks & complexity.

To deliver all of these compelling benefits for our customers, Kapsch CarrierCom is partnering with SD-WAN industry leaders who bring best-in-class SD-WAN logic and functionality. Kapsch CarrierCom leverages our end-to-end expertise in network design and integration to make your network smart, robust and future proof.

Find out more about how Kapsch CarrierCom can help you adopt SD-WAN rapidly in your infrastructure by registering for our SD-WAN webinar today.

Presented by

Marc Bouteyre,

Head of SDN/NFV Solution Management, Kapsch CarrierCom

As a Head of SDN/NFV Solution Management, Marc Bouteyre is responsible for the SDN/NFV task force, SDN/NFV technology and solution assessment. His role also includes responsibilities around the development of our go-to-market model, the set-up of the partner ecosystem for the Carriers business unit and the management of the virtualised portfolio under sales. As a virtualisation expert, Marc is also the spokesperson for all of Kapsch CarrierCom’s SDN/NFV activities.

Vedran Vugrinec,

Technical Solution Manager, Kapsch CarrierCom

With 17 years of experience designing and building best-in-class transmission networks for our customers, Vedran Vugrinec is currently driving the SDN mission at Kapsch CarrierCom. In doing so, he is helping our clients move away from traditional infrastructural silos to intelligent, programmable and highly automated transmission architectures that reduce OPEX and speed up time to market for new, value-added services.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Solution overview & use cases: Learn about key components and capabilities
  • SD-WAN key benefits: how the technology can help to lower your network costs and increase technology and business innovation
  • Deployment options: how SD-WAN technologies can be used to replace physical connections, network infrastructure and applications - or all three together
  • Getting started: how enterprises can take the first step towards adopting SD-WAN


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