The Essential IT and Telecom Market Dynamics Review - 2pm London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Market Dynamics

Date: 10 December


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

A roundtable study of the critical issues driving the IT and telecom industries going into 2016

As the worlds of IT and telecoms continue to converge, the major, high-level drivers in these markets can be increasingly derived from common themes. Service provider and enterprise business and technology executives certainly share visions that revolve around greater agility and efficiency, coupled with a laser focus on innovation and world-class customer experiences. So industry-driving topics such as virtualization, the Internet of Things, and analytics (along with the perennials security and mobility) are naturally top-of-mind in both markets.

Trends analysis comes very easily to Current Analysis - the differentiated, real-time model guarantees that our analysts are immersed in the trends as they take shape. Identifying trends and new dynamics is not a one-off project or exercise at Current Analysis – it happens naturally and constantly. Still, the calendar ticking over into a new year provides the ideal moment to talk about what we’ve observed in the past year and what we - and IT and telecoms executives - expect to see happen in the year to come.

In this webinar our analyst leaders will engage in a moderated roundtable discussion on these key market dynamics spanning the IT and telecoms market, and delivering both insights and advice to suppliers and buyers alike along the way.

Presented by

Jerry Caron,

Senior Vice President, Analysis

Jerry is responsible for monitoring and evaluating activities in the telecommunications services, telecommunications infrastructure business infrastructure software and IT infrastructure markets, including the strategies and product development work of service providers, technology suppliers and solution providers.

Brian Washburn,

Service Director, Global Business Network and IT Services

Brian has covered the telecom industry for more than 20 years, and has been with Current Analysis for more than 10 years. As Service Director for Global Business Network and IT Services, Brian analyzes how service providers operate efficiently and compete effectively in enterprise services. His technology areas of coverage include network infrastructure and IP services; managed services including immersive video; and in the U.S., services targeting mid-market businesses.

Bradley Shimmin,

Service Director, Business Technology and Software

Brad has been with Current Analysis for six years, bringing more than 20 years of industry experience to bear on his role as Service Director for Business Technology and Software. Together with the Principal and Senior Analysts supporting a number of research practices, Brad is responsible for monitoring and evaluating activities within three key industry areas, including enterprise data and analytics, collaboration and communication, and application platforms. Specifically, Brad provides detailed analysis of enterprise social networking technologies and data visualization and discovery solutions.

Jason Marcheck,

Service Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Jason is Research Director for the Current Analysis Service Provider Infrastructure service. Jason and his analyst team monitor and evaluate activities in the markets for Digital Media, Fixed Access, IP Services, Mobile Access, and Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Telecom Vendor Services, and overall coverage of the Mobile Ecosystem.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What IT and telecom themes and trends shaped 2015? What do they tell us about the year ahead?
  • What shared IT and telecom market dynamics will drive customer demands in 2016?
  • What shared IT and telecom market dynamics will define the key 2016 vendor, channel and service provider battlegrounds?
  • What should buyers demand from suppliers in 2016? How should they think about network evolutions?


  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Sales
  • Competitive Intelligence