The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Chat Bots in Messaging - 2PM London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

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Date: 4 August


Time: 2PM London/9AM Boston

Messaging as a Platform for a New Generation of OTT Monetization

Apple, Facebook and Google are in a race to make messaging platforms smarter and monetizable. These industry heavyweights are also facing formidable competition from APAC messaging players such as WeChat and LINE. The goal is to turn the humble messaging platform into personalized commerce engines, better able to cater to end users’ broader needs with artificial intelligence and chat bot technology.

Messaging platform development is moving fast, with tech giants announcing their plans at a dizzying pace. With the messaging platform now the primary conduit for communication, it makes sense to capitalize on this by allowing users to do more without leaving the messaging platform. A host of OTT messaging players such as Facebook, WeChat and LINE are already doing this by adding new beyond-chat capabilities, morphing them into commerce and social media hubs. Artificial intelligence and chat bots now take this concept further. The ultimate vision for these players is to lock users into their messaging platforms where all user needs are met, whether that’s ordering a ride from Uber or asking for directions. If this concept takes off, these platforms could potentially eliminate much of the need for separate apps.

This webinar will take a deeper dive into the strategies of various players in the chat bot space and look at where artificial intelligence is today in the proverbial hype cycle. We’ll lay out the landscape and highlight the areas in which the mobile carrier community can best participate.

Whether you are deeply entrenched in the AI market or not, the messaging chat bot revolution is set to impact nearly all facets of the mobile market. Please join us to learn how this market is evolving - and how you can be a part of it.

Presented by

Lynnette Luna,

Principal Analyst, Consumer

Lynnette is Principal Analyst on the Consumer Services team and is part of the Consumer Platforms and Devices team. She is responsible for looking at the business, technology and regulatory trends shaping the environment for communications devices, solutions and services. Topics that fall into her expertise include: the strategies, technologies and opportunities pertaining to OTT competition and mobile broadband monetization, mobile platform and device trends and regulation and spectrum trends that impact the communications environment.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Cut through the hype around artificial intelligence and chat bots. What is real and what isn’t?
  • Understand where major tech companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google are in the AI race.
  • Discover the ways carriers can participate in the chat bot revolution.
  • Find out how tech companies are handling the privacy implications of AI.


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