The SD-WAN Managed Services Surge - 2PM London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Sd Wan
  • S D N
  • N F V

Date: 11 May


Time: 2PM London/9AM Boston

A view of SD-WAN managed services rolled out to date and what’s to come

While service providers worked on their virtualization strategies using SDN and NFV, software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) platforms have become a sleeper hit with enterprises. These technologies offer overlays that are agnostic to networks and offer fiercely pragmatic collections of value-added features. Service providers are working through the managed services opportunities, navigating a complexity of vendors that offer a range of very different solutions.

This presentation will look at some of the early service provider forays into SD-WAN, and SD-WAN-like, managed services that have been launched to date. It will also call out concerns that should be top-of-mind for service providers under pressure to hurry up and line up partners, assemble a service wrap and put a stake in the ground regarding their SD-WAN services strategy.

Providers that don’t assemble a managed SD-WAN vision risk the perception of falling behind, and may even lose contract opportunities as enterprises are lured away by the differentiating features of these platforms.

Whether your interest in SD-WAN is at the enterprise or the service provider level, please join us for this presentation to find out more about how managed services technology adopters view, and aim to adapt this technology to meet enterprises’ needs.

Presented by

Brian Washburn,

Service Director, Global Business Network and IT Services

Brian has covered the telecom industry for more than 20 years, and has been with Current Analysis for more than 10 years. As Service Director for Global Business Network and IT Services, Brian analyzes how service providers operate efficiently and compete effectively in enterprise services. His technology areas of coverage include network infrastructure and IP services; managed services including immersive video; and in the U.S., services targeting mid-market businesses.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To learn which service providers and SD-WAN platform vendors have teamed to date.
  • To find out more about the features that service providers are promoting to the market.
  • To learn how providers are building the managed services wrap around SD-WAN.
  • To understand SD-WAN’s evolution, and possible futures in the context of SDN/NFV strategies.


  • Network Planning
  • Enterprise ICT/Enterprise IT Administrators
  • Operations & Infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Strategy & Competitive Intelligence