Virtualization, Digital Operations, and IoT: TMF Live 2015 Wrap-Up - 5pm London

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Virtualization
  • Digital Operations
  • Iot

Date: 17 June


Time: 5PM London/12PM New York

Customer Centricity at the Heart of Digital Transformation

TMF Live has always been about highlighting new technologies that make telecom network operations more robust. However, as virtualization, digital operations, IoT and an enhanced focus on customer experience all begin to intersect, operators are faced with more strategic options than they have time or money to execute on.

Each area holds great promise to help network operators to transform their businesses for success in the digital economy. However, each also holds its own set of challenges that need to be overcome in order for their promise to be realized.

Current Analysis sent a team of experts to TMF Live to dig into the specifics of these movements; to see where they intersect, and to connect the dots between how they all come together to impact the experience that a telecom service provider can offer its customers.

Join Current Analysis as it reviews the key themes of TMF Live 2015, and more importantly, discusses how each of these important trends provides win-win opportunities for both equipment suppliers and telecom service providers as the worlds of virtualization, IoT, digital operations and customer centricity all collide.

Presented by

Jason Marcheck ,

Service Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Jason is Research Director for the Current Analysis Service Provider Infrastructure service. Jason and his analyst team monitor and evaluate activities in the markets for Digital Media, Fixed Access, IP Services, Mobile Access, and Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Telecom Vendor Services, and overall coverage of the Mobile Ecosystem.

Throughout his career, Jason has been quoted in leading newspapers, and top telecommunications trade publications. He has often served as a featured speaker and panelist at telecom trade shows, and has authored numerous columns and articles related to the topics that he covers. Jason holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Ron Westfall,

Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

As the Research Director for Service Provider Infrastructure, Ron is responsible for tracking the evolution and key developments within the global service provider infrastructure and service enablement ecosystem markets, including back-office, infrastructure, regulatory, revenue management, and digital ecosystem issues.

Ron brings over fifteen years analytical experience to the overall service provider infrastructure and service enablement ecosystem markets, including specialization in service billing, service creation, regulatory developments, network/content security, service assurance, service fulfillment, OSS/BSS and telecom infrastructure technologies in general.

David Snow ,

Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

As Principal Analyst for Service Provider Infrastructure, David is responsible for tracking the evolution and key developments within the IP Services Infrastructure market. His coverage areas include Hosted Multimedia Application Servers, IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), Mobile Softswitching, Policy Control, Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs), Session Border Controls (SBCs) and Softswitches.

Prior to joining Current Analysis, David was a Senior Analyst at Juniper Research, where he led the Mobile Commerce stream, with a concentration on plotting the course of mobile payments, banking and financial services, as well as Near Field Communications (NFC) and ticketing. He also served as a Senior Analyst at both Ericsson AB and Marconi Corporation, where he focused on market, strategic and competitive intelligence.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Review the key events at TMF Live 2015
  • Understand how OSS/BSS vendors are preparing to support cloud-based and virtual network operations
  • Learn what suppliers are doing to help enable telecom services providers to operate in a digital economy
  • Connect the dots between how cutting edge back office platforms are raising the bar on customer experience


  • Network planners
  • Network operations
  • C-suite executives
  • Marketing
  • Product development