Digitalisation & Hydropower

Sponsored by: International Water Power & Dam Construction

Focused on:

  • Digitalisation
  • Hydropower
  • Technology

Date: 27 July

Days to go: 11

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How digitalisation is transforming the hydropower sector

Digitalisation has become one of the buzz words to take on greater significance in recent years, but just how is the hydropower industry embracing this revolutionary concept? The performance of turbines, plants and equipment are expected to be improved through the use of new digital controls, while digital software could play a vital role in helping hydropower projects to work more efficiently with other renewable technologies by supporting operations and decision making.

This new webinar will look at how digitalisation is bringing in a wave of new technologies, and how digital twins could be the key to future operations. It will investigate how digital control systems can optimise reservoir management and maximise revenues for power producers.

Attendees will also learn how equipment manufacturers are embracing digitalisation as a way to widen their scope of services, and how digitalisation could be instrumental in the modernisation of the existing fleet of hydropower facilities.

The future is becoming digital, and this webinar will give you the chance to hear from those in the industry who have already embraced technology and moved their projects to become more automated, achieving higher efficiency and improving operations.

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Key Learning Objectives


    • Hydropower Engineer
    • Consultant Engineer
    • Project Manager
    • Design Engineer
    • Contracts Manager
    • Site Manager
    • Plant Service Engineer
    • Managing Director
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • President
    • Technology Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Head of Sales
    • Engineering Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Head of Operations