Real-World Private Clouds: a CBR Dining Club

Date: 6th Feb 2014

Venue: Thornton's, 1st Floor, The Fitzwilliam Hotel, 128 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

An award winning Michelin starred restaurant, Thornton's offers a wonderful, fine dining experience in a beautiful setting. Head Chef Kevin Thornton is widely regarded as Ireland's best chef.

Private clouds are meant to deliver most of the benefits of public cloud computing, but while still enabling organisations to retain full control. But can they really live up to the hype, and can the promise of consolidation, virtualisation, automation and self-service outweigh some of the potential drawbacks?

Attend this Dining Club to understand the pros and cons of private cloud computing in the real world, and find out for yourself why more and more companies are attempting to use private cloud computing to turn their data centres into information centres.

We invite you to join us in an evening of sublime food, great networking and intriguing discussion. For more information please contact Jenell Rogers on:

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