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Based in London, Business Review Webinars is the flagship website for the B2B element of Progressive Media International (PMI), producing essential finger-on-the-pulse webinar content and serving as a hub for key decision-makers to access the latest in business competitive intelligence.

By applying the authority of our 10+ years expertise in running world-leading webinar content we educate, inform and influence a global audience of business decision-makers, investors and CEOs in leading industry sectors.

With an audience portfolio that includes partnerships with print, digital, mobile, social and event channels within the PMI groups, our thought leadership webinars ensure that our highly engaged international audience is regularly informed and energised with the latest competitive intelligence.

For our sponsors

BRWs success is as a result of being part of Progressive Trade Media

and having access to a global network of databases to invite to our webinar presentations. This coupled with our experience in producing high level, online events and access to intelligence from our analyst's means that BRW is the partner of choice when presenting your capabilities to a global audience. For more information on how you can reach out to our global audience please contact us.

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