Data protection: managing in an era of complexity and growth

Date: 20th Mar 2014

Venue: Christopher's, 18 Wellington St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7DD

An amazing dining experience awaits you in one of London's most historic buildings, the site of the capital's first licensed casino. The gaming tables, which once saw Victorian gentlemen pursue their "noble hobby" lay at the top of the grand spiral staircase where the restaurant is now situated.

Between 2010 and 2012 the average amount of data a company held grew from 2,175 terabytes to 3,183 terabytes, according to Forrester. That pace of change has only increased in the last year and today storage and management represents the biggest data centre line item for most organisations.

Data protection matters for reasons of corporate, national and transnational governance - yet storing, managing and retrieving that data is becoming an increasingly complex and costly part of the technology equation. Complex due to the proliferation of unstructured data coupled with the impact of today's "always on" business environment. Complex, too, because the regulatory framework - within the EU and elsewhere - is becoming ever more onerous.

All this is happening to the backdrop of tighter budgets. That means companies are having to answer the backup challenge through a combination of rationalisation, optimisation and smarter data management to ensure the right levels of protection and access.

In this CBR Dining Club, brought to you in association with Hitachi
Data Systems (HDS) and Symantec, we'll explore the best approaches to solve the data puzzle. We'll look at how to manage data protection in an era of complexity and growth. So why not join us for an evening of insightful talks, lively conversation and valuable networking.

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