How to become a data driven company : CBR Dining club

Date: 11th Jun 2014

Venue: Christopher's, 18 Wellington St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7DD

An amazing dining experience awaits you in one of London's most historic buildings, the site of the capital's first licensed casino. The gaming tables, which once saw Victorian gentlemen pursue their "noble hobby" lay at the top of the grand spiral staircase where the restaurant is now situated.

Enlightened organisations everywhere are waking up to the potential of the data they own. But with this opportunity to drive real business change comes a series of challenges around storing, visualising and using the information owned. How, for example, do you manage a range of data sets with variable levels of structure? And how do you avoid potential lock-in and data gravity issues within proprietary technology? Moreover, how do you ensure that the data is available across existing applications while also providing a bedrock for innovative new services?

There are other management challenges too, around planning, cost, legacy assets and the likely skills deficit within your organisation. On the flip side there are some real opportunities: around fraud detection, product recommendation, dynamic bandwidth allocation and analysing brand sentiment to name but four.

During this CBR Dining Club event, in association with Hortonworks, we will address these challenges and opportunities facing organisations like yours - and chart a path to unlocking value. This will be an opportunity to quiz your peers who have already implemented this technology in person, to share experiences and to network with fellow senior professionals.

Do join us for what promises to be a night of fine dining, insightful talks and lively discussion.

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