How to extract value out of data

Date: 12th May 2016

Venue: The Club at The Ivy, 1-5 West Street, London, WC2H 9NQ

As Tim Berners-Lee once noted: “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”If data matters more than infrastructure, the question is this: is your organisation getting the most out of the data it stores? Is it turning data into insights and insights into decisions that will transform the business, increase revenues and reduce overheads?

If data is the new oil – or the unwritten asset on your balance sheet – how can you be sure that you are extracting the maximum value?

At this CBR Dining Club event, our partners for the evening Hortonworks will make the case for Apache Hadoop, the management engine of Big Data that was described as “the most exciting technology I’ve seen in my career” by the head of data.

The evening will be your chance to quiz a world leading Hadoop expert and to share your views and insights with fellow senior IT executives – all in the surroundings of The Club at The Ivy, one of London’s most renowned venues.

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