Advances in Clarification Technology in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Sponsored by: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

Focused on:

  • Water
  • Wastewater Treatment

Date: 23 June


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Increasing Plant Throughput Using Ballasted Floc Clarification Technology

Learn about the latest advancements in wastewater and water treatment, the BioMag® Ballasted Biological Treatment System and the CoMag® Ballasted Treatment System. This Webinar will discuss the application advantages of this approach as well as the operating envelope where the technology works best. The focus will be on industrial water and wastewater operations that require clarification or are experiencing capacity issues.

Evoqua Water Technologies have commercialized the unique clarification technology platform developed by Cambridge Water Technology. Join us to learn how these technologies use magnetite, which is twice as dense as sand, as a ballasting agent to increase the settleability of solids, thereby overcoming clarification bottlenecks and process upset conditions. Case study data will be presented.

The BioMag® System:

  • Enables an existing activated sludge plant to increase 2x to 3x treatment capacity
  • Achieve Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) limits - all within existing tanks

The CoMag® System:

  • Dramatically enhances conventional clarification performance
  • Provides superior particle removal at a fraction of the capital and operating cost of conventional clarification alternatives
  • Is applicable for Process water, reuse and wastewater applications.

We look forward to discussing the latest advancements in wastewater and water treatment with you on the 23rd June and we will answer your questions in the live Q&A at the end of the presentation. Register now.

Presented by

Robert Backman,

Senior Technical Manager

Robert Backman has more than 30 years of experience designing, selling, piloting, installing, and validating biological systems in municipal and industrial applications. Based in Cambridge, MA, he is responsible for introducing the BioMag® System and the CoMag® System to engineers, municipalities and industrial users. He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University

Kevin Warheit,

Industrial Inorganic Wastewater Product Manager

With over 34 years in the water and wastewater industry, Kevin currently is the industrial inorganic wastewater product manager for Evoqua Water Technologies. His products included conventional and advanced solid/liquid separation technologies, as well as water reuse and recycle systems. Kevin has held a numbers of other positions including membrame manufacturing manager, treatability lab manager, applications engineer manager and regional sales manager. In addition to authoring a number of technical papers on wastewater treatment, he holds two patents.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Tradition clarification process bottlenecks and process upset conditions
  • BioMag® and CoMag® system engineering design
  • Case study on project implementation


  • Director of Environmental Engineering and Compliance
  • Facility Manager
  • Utility Manager
  • Corporate Environmental Engineer
  • Wastewater Engineer