An Integrated Approach to Rare Disease

Sponsored by: Covance

Focused on:

  • Disease
  • Orphan Drug Development

Date: 11 July


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Orphan drug development is rapidly growing to address the urgent unmet needs of patients with rare diseases. Yet despite this progress, sponsors still face many inherent development challenges. From patient diagnosis to translational research to the clinic, there are many opportunities to explore novel approaches to overcome hurdles in each phase.

Join our webinar as we discuss a range of individual approaches that can be integrated to accelerate progress of complex rare disease studies across the world. We’ll examine scientific techniques to:

  • Leverage interdependencies between patient care and orphan drug development

  • Drive growth by employing advanced technologies in genetic testing and diagnostics

  • Advance rare disease understanding with genomic solutions and translational biomarkers

  • Translate early development findings into more efficient clinical development

  • Optimize clinical development programs to reduce trial time for dose-finding and proof of concept and maximize data contributions from each patient

Along with solutions to increase the likelihood of success in the clinic, you’ll learn about new trends in this dynamic space and how an integrated approach can make a difference across the entire rare disease drug development spectrum.

Presented by

Steven Anderson, PhD,

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Anderson provides scientific direction for new technologies and applications such as biomarker development, genomics and companion diagnostics. He also manages strategies for genomics, oncology and anatomic pathology, serving as a key global contact for clients and Covance scientific teams. Dr. Anderson brings 25 years of experience to laboratory research and drug development.

Leone Atkinson, MD, PhD,

Senior Medical Director

Dr. Atkinson provides scientific and clinical support for clinical trials in rare disease within Covance Clinical Development Services. She is a neurologist with a doctorate in Medical Genetics and experience in diverse rare disease indications, including Acute Intermittent Porphyria, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Fragile X Syndrome, Late-stage Pompe disease, Mucopolysaccharidosis IV, and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Before joining Covance, Dr. Atkinson served as a Medical Consultant for Biopharmaceutical companies and the National Institutes of Health.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the growing role of genomic technologies in the characterization of rare diseases
  • Learn about novel approaches spanning translational medicine through the clinic
  • Discuss the application of emerging trends
  • Identify opportunities to minimize downtime in each phase


  • Head of Rare Disease Drug Development
  • Head of Orphan Drug Development
  • Director of Rare Disease & Orphan Drug Development
  • Rare Disease Research
  • Study Director
  • Research Procurement