CBR Executive Dinner: Go with the flow

Date: 10th Mar 2012

Venue: Rhodes Twenty four, London

Rhodes Twenty four, Located on the 24th floor of the city of London's tallest building, Tower 42. Rhodes Twenty four is the latest offering from Britain's top chef, Gary Rhodes, and a 2005 Michelin Star winner. Rhodes Twenty four offers traditional British cuisine in an outstanding location in the heart of the city.

Against the backdrop of an economy that is still fragile, senior IT decision-makers know that they will once again be asked to do more with less in 2011, and that successful IT departments will be those that can bring real benefits to business efficiency and productivity despite constrained budgets.

This Dining Club will look at the role of the latest generation of business process managemens, also at the role of real-time business integration, in improving the efficiency and agility of the business. Saving few percentages points from the cost of the printer estate may save thousands of pounds, but adding few percentage points to a company's efficiency could add hundreds of thousands or even milions to the bottom line.

The dinner is free to attend. Places are limited to 15 and are strictly reserved for senior executives involved in IT management

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