CBR Pragmatic Private Cloud Dining Club

We would like to extend you an invite to an evening of fine food, discussion and debate within the Gordon Ramsay Savoy Grill

Date: 7th Jul 2011

Venue: Gordon Ramsay Savoy Grill, London

This particular Dining club will look at how for many businesses the private cloud is the next logical step in the evolution of their IT infrastructures. This Dining Club will cut through the hype to help attendees better appreciate the potential benefits of private cloud, and how best to start the transition.

With an emphasis on sharing current experiences and future plans with your peers, there is sure to be considerable round table debate. Food for thought will be provided by an expert independent analyst as well as event sponsor Oracle - which will be in a position to share some of its experience of customer approaches to private cloud, shared services, data centre consolidation and more thanks to its software and middleware expertise and the combination of Sun Microsystems.

Event Location