CBR Virtual Storage Dining Club

An amazing dining experience awaits you in one of London's most historic buildings, the site of the capital's first licensed casino. The gaming tables, which once saw Victorian gentlemen pursue their "noble hobby" lay at the top of the grand spiral staircase where the restaurant is now situated.

Date: 6th Jul 2011

Venue: Christopher's, Covent Garden

The gambling has gone but in its place is the finest American cuisine to be found in London .

The discussion and, talks we have ready for you are equally impressive.

More and more companies are finding that it is their storage infrastructure that is blocking their moves to a virtual data centre. Of course, with data being among the most critical corporate assets, this situation cannot be allowed to hamper potential cost savings and agility improvements.

But what is to be done? Attend this CBR Dining Club to understand the key role that virtual storage can - and should - be playing in the modern data centre. Learn how virtual storage can maximise savings, increase flexibility and enable relatively inexpensive business continuity.

Who should attend?

- Anyone struggling to manage their burgeoning storage demands
- Those seeking to get the real benefits of a virtual data centre
- Experts wishing to maximise the efficiency, flexibility and business continuity of their increasingly virtual data assets

A fabulous evening of dining, discussion and networking.

As well as talks from our guest speakers there will be plenty of time for delegates to have their specific questions answered during a lively Q&A session plus one-on-one networking with the speakers and your peers.

All in all, an event surely not to be missed

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