Unified Networks Dining Club

Rhodes Twenty four, Located on the 24th floor of the city of London's tallest building, Tower 42. Rhodes Twenty four is the latest offering from Britain's top chef, Gary Rhodes, and a 2005 Michelin Star winner.

Date: 3rd Aug 2011

Venue: Rhodes Twenty four, London

This Dining Club will look at how while companies are striving to be more responsive to the needs of their staff, suppliers and indeed customers, they are often hampered by the cost and complexity of their networks. For instance while many staff are now keen to work flexibly, increasingly using consumer-side technology such as tablets, smartphones, mobile applications and social networking, the corporate network just wasn't designed with their needs in mind.

This CBR Dining club will look at the latest pressures on corporate networks including the cost, complexity and array of heterogeneous equipment, before considering what a more unified network strategy might bring to the table. With discussion of a brand new white paper written by IDC entitled, 'Transitioning Complexity to Innovation: A New ICT Roadmap', delegates will hear how the enterprise ICT environment is becoming "virtual, connected and mobile", and about some of the latest network best practices and technologies that can help organisations make the most of this new era.

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