Total Product Life Cycle: More Gain, Less Pain

You are invited to an exquisite private dining evening at the Graves 601 Hotel located in downtown Minneapolis and featuring fantastic cuisine from around the world

Date: 21st Sep 2011

Venue: Graves 601 Hotel Downtown Minneapolis

The FDA's Total Product Life Cycle (TPLC) initiative has piled the pressure of compliance on all kinds of Life Sciences companies. But complying with TPLC is actually being seen as an opportunity by forward-thinking organizations - not simply as a burden.

Attend this Dining Club event not only to enjoy a sumptuous meal and a valuable opportunity to network with your peers, but also find out how to bring automation to TPLC, build compliance into the design process and increase innovation by centralizing product development and quality systems processes.

Attendees will learn how to:

- Support TPLC compliance with Product Lifecycle Management technologies

- Ensure that information and knowledge from all stages of the product life cycle are readily available and used to improve science-based regulations

- Use information technology to enable rapid communication and sharing among product-centered teams, and

- Reduce process complexity, save time and more effectively utilize resources across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain so innovation can flourish.

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