Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Dining Event - London

You are invited to join us for a Gordon Ramsay 'tasting menu' dinner at Claridge's hotel, London. The stunning Art Deco interior defines glamour and style, whilst the splendid surroundings are complemented by impeccable service and exceptional food. The content for this evening will also not disappoint.

Date: 3rd Nov 2013

Venue: Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's, London

In 2008, three of the top ten global pharma products were temperature sensitive, by 2014 that will reach seven of the top ten.

In today's uncertain world the challenges senior executives face in the pharma industry are more intense than ever. Many are interested in the changing nature of drugs in the pipeline, particularly, how demand is affecting the need for temperature sensitive drug logistics, both on the marketed side and the clinical side.

We shall:

- Explore the transition to Biologics

- Discuss the impact of time and temperature sensitive products

- Look at new distribution methodology

- Investigate the requirements of products with an expanded global reach

- Expand on the needs of higher cost products

Who should attend:

- Senior clinical trial logistic and drug supply personnel

- Those investigating temperature sensitive drug logistics

- Those seeking to improve operational efficiency and collaboration

We look to forward to discussing this further with you on the day

All in all, an event surely not to be missed

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