In search of IT visibility: a CBR Dining Club

Date: 14th Jun 2012

Venue: Rhodes Twenty four, London

Rhodes Twenty four, Located on the 24th floor of the city of London's tallest building, Tower 42. Rhodes Twenty four is the latest offering from Britain's top chef, Gary Rhodes, and a 2005 Michelin Star winner. Rhodes Twenty four offers traditional British cuisine in an outstanding location in the heart of the city.

Once upon a time, all IT needed to successfully manage its own estate was a mainframe expert and some network management smarts. Those days are long gone, but the latest IT trends - such as virtualisation, cloud computing, mobility and big data - have made the situation a whole lot harder.

For many CIOs and CTOs it's a real struggle to get a single pane of glass that offers visibility across the entire IT infrastructure. But without it, it's almost impossible to measure and demonstrate IT's value to the business, or to see how IT is performing against its core objectives.

This CBR Dining Club will look at the latest technologies and approaches that might finally offer IT a single view across all of its systems and processes, and in so doing help IT better align itself with the business. There are a lot of changes going on in both IT and the business today, so come along and hear how to become more strategic thanks to gaining better visibility across your IT estate.

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