Social transforms the Enterprise

Date: 17th Jan 2013

Venue: Bleeding Heart Yard, London

The long-established and extremely popular Bleeding Heart Restaurant offers superb French food in historical surroundings. The Restaurant takes its name from the yard where it is located which, according to the history books, was named after a 17th century beauty, Lady Elizabeth Hatton, who was found murdered there.

At this event, the theme is driven by the fact that technologies and approaches that began in the world of social networking are making their way into the enterprise. More and more companies are beginning to realise the potential of social media in bringing their organisations closer to their customers. But how best to integrate social media into existing sales, service and marketing processes, in order to effectively and reliably collaborate across multiple channels?

This CBR Dining Club will help attendees assess the potential value of social media to their organisation, and also look at some of the latest approaches and technologies that can help them turn social media into an important weapon in their sales and marketing armories. Ultimately, how can organisations move towards becoming a Social Business?

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