Your network perimeter - time for a rethink ?

Date: 7th Mar 2013

Venue: Manicomio - Gutter Lane, London, EC2V 8AS

The perimeter of the organisation has changed. The traditional network boundary and the received wisdom that 'inside is safe and outside is insecure' has been fundamentally disrupted by the growth in cloud services, mobile devices and advanced persistent threats (APT). As high bandwidth 4G connectivity rolls out, a decreasing proportion of work will get done on the corporate network. We will discuss this evolution and the role that secure cloud-based sharing and collaboration services can play in the evolution of your information management strategy.

This CBR Dining Club will look at the latest challenges and opportunities in collaboration technology, before going on to assess and contextualise the relative risks of traditional on-premise collaboration suites with more recent, cloud-based approaches.

There will also be discussion of the changing regulatory environment as it relates to secure document transfer and storage, and how CIOs might help to build a business case for secure, multi-tenant cloud storage and collaboration. Finally, we will consider whether consumer-style online storage services from the likes of Dropbox are really suitable for enterprise use.

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