CBR Dining Club: Managing the Big Data Challenge

You are invited to an evening of fine food and debate at the quintessentially English Goring Hotel. Set in Belgravia, just minutes from Victoria Station, this fine venue has been catering for the country's elite since 1910.

Date: 20th Mar 2013

Venue: Goring Hotel, London

The IT landscape is changing, particularly in the area of business intelligence, where Big Data is increasingly the norm. Big Data has ushered in new opportunities, but also new challenges, for example how best to optimise and manage the new breed of more variable and dynamic applications, that are helping to unlock the value in Big Data.

Transformational application environments require a new approach to application performance management (APM), if they are to support massively scalable architectures and dynamic, elastic resource allocation.

Attend this CBR Dining Club to better understand the opportunities as well as the challenges that are being created by Big Data, and to hear about some of the latest technologies and approaches that can help an organisation to simplify performance optimisation, operation and management of modern, dynamic applications.

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