Innovation Trends and the Impact on the Future Pharma Supply Chain

Date: 6th Jun 2013

Venue: Les Trois Rois, Basel

Pharma innovation is accelerating again, and now with increased focus on true unmet medical need and more narrowly defined therapeutic areas.
Whilst new block-busters are still likely, the majority of pharma executives over the past year are confirming the new trend:
"The innovation pipelines are growing again but with more complex molecules and lower volume indications once launched, compared to the previous period"
This will have a profound effect on the future supply chain for active pharmaceutical ingredients and their registered starting materials.

Join us to:

- investigate the requirements for technical support

- explore the challenges created by complex molecules

- discuss the compliance issues caused by increasing complexity

Who should attend:

- Senior clinical trial logistic and drug supply personnel
- Those investigating partnership opportunities in the supply chain
- Outsourcing executives and those seeking to improve operational efficiency and collaboration

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